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Sweat Jackets in all sizes in stock for Holidays!

Star-Base 1 Limited Edition!        
        Literally the proverbial Swiss Army Knife of Swart Options

Already sort of an underground social media hit and seemingly the Swart Mystery Amp as it's only been seen on IG and along with some YouTube action... but man, this is the latest hit at the studio, just a rather hard to get beast at the moment due to limited availability.  You're looking at an extremely flexible 18w of a unique blend of EL-84 goodness. Stay tuned to more soon.  But this EL-84 small cab or medium cab with built in Swart attenuator & MV option is a favorite already.  And the fact it can go in so many size cabs is a huge plus.   Also has gobs of that Swart reverb, bordering on surf-psychedelic and just so flexible~ kh

Star-Base 1 Photo Montage

Star-Base 1 in large cab
w/Celestion Creamback 75

SweatJacket & Hoodie!

Michael was getting cold in the shop and if I saw him in that same threadbare, moth eaten army green sweatshirt again, I would lock him out.

"Hey, why don't WE have a sweatshirt?"
I asked.

Well, no good reason, really.


NEW Limited Run
       Hoodie ~ $35
Jacket (at right) ~ $45

Excellent quality inside and out, made of a cotton/poly blend, complete with drawstring hood, pockets, and full length zipper.

Complete with Swart logo on front and the infamous SWART SPACE HELMET AST GRAPHIC on the back. And as a bonus, we didn't misspell TREMOLO this time!

ALL sizes S / M / L / XL / XXL

Head to the page below to get in before they are gone.  NOW with a limited run HOODIE option sans zipper for $35~ kh

- See more photos and ORDER HERE

Antares Master Small Cab
     Currently in Michael's live studio rotation
This amp does not get enough notice, especially in the small cab option, which actually sounds amazingly good and a great option for top controls in small package that does not lose much to the larger sibling. 

Sound amazingly coherent, open, and a touch more headroom than the AST/AST PRO. Takes pedals so well and can be had with or without the Master Volume.  The MV version is quite good, though.  This has been in our studio jam rotation spot for last two months. 

    - See more photos HERE

When we put "Standby OFF... Rolling in 2020" we had no idea just how DIFFERENT 2020 was going to be. Did anyone imagine the world was going to be turned on its end to such an extent? Hoping everyone is safe but knowing full well that we all will have someone we know affected by this outbreak, one way or another. Music has been somewhat of a sanity saver and it's keeping us going here at the shop which basically is ticking over still, social distancing observed as we work from different places now.

it's a crazy time, hopefully a once in a lifetime. Hunkering down in the shop DOES bring interesting things, though. Take the weekend Social Distancing Neighborhood walk SUITCASE on road find. You couldn't even BUY this much inspiration, the perfect candidate for a Swart Suitcase amp Prototype, this featuring a neat Master Volume MOD84 Back End with extra GAIN stage. It's called


This amp will likely see the light of day within a real Swart cab but for now, this has been an amazingly rewarding venture. Indeed, who knows. Maybe you'll see a special edition Swart Suitcase Special every now and then, built for some lucky soul. For now, take a look at this beast and revel in the beauty of pancake inspired genius. The decoration of the exterior was found EXACTLY as you see it.

  - khkh ~ Swart Amplifier Co. | Swart Online

Introducing the all new Swart R-2 Ribbon Microphone designed by Michael Swart and made in the Swart Shop in Wilmington, NC Simply put, if you have not heard what a good ribbon mic can do and you're a fan of Swart Tone, this is the perfect chance to get on the the magic of uber natural midrange. This has been our go to amp mic in the studio for the last year and now it can be YOURS. The first 30 have all sold so thanks to everyone! Now taking orders on the second run, first come first served. Each mic is made, signed, numbered, tested, then shipped by Michael.

  Swart R-2 Ribbon Microphone

Swart Stereo Master 20 Head - 20w + 20w
20w + 20w Stereo 6V6/6L6 Tube GLORY!

This amazing amp has really been a long time coming but the wait is worth it. We're talking Two 20 watt amps in one chassis, each with separate controls for EQ & tone cut along with tube/spring tank reverb and 2X Tube Tremolo. And final output can now be controlled by a unique Stereo Master Volume. Simply put, you have to hear it to understand how BIG this thing sounds. This dark tweed head is truly something special. Comes stock wti 6V6 but will take 6L6 family for a bit more headroom. Rectifier options include 5AR4, 5U4, and 5Y3 for most sag/compression and sweetness.


NOW SHIPPING to your favorite Swart dealer


we just love to get photos from those that have gone head over heels crazy with their music rooms. And sometimes, we need to just post a few of these Tone Pranksters in all their excess glory, bringing in the new year in Swart style.

Welcome Stuart Mackay & Lou Vergne

FALL has finally arrived in Wilmington, NC at the Swart Shop and not a moment too soon. It's been slow going but we're finally totally back up and running full speed post Florence, the latest builds heading to dealers. We're still so jazzed about the Stereo Master 20. Look for reviews soon in some mags as editors have been writing to get in line to sample this beast. Hoping to have some extra samples up for the Stereo Master 20 and the Antares. Stay tuned for more from the mail room and be sure to hop on the Swartamps Instagram feed for more from all things Swart. What's that to right? Well, it's just one of the few CUSTOM ST-45 & SST-30 COMBOs that headed to a few lucky souls.


Thanks so much for the notes of concern from everyone. We're all good at Swart Headquarters, even Silver the Cat. NO POWER at the shop and house, unfortunately. Yes, we did get some damage with trees and limbs coming down but one broken window is a small price to pay considering this storm. Wilmington is currently isolated from the outside world as all roads out/in have flooding issues. But we hope to be back up and running soon as possible. If anyone has an order in, please be patient and know we are getting it out as soon as we can. So there will be some delays. Thanks for the understanding. See you on the other side ~ kh

Swart Amps with Michael Swart

Nashville, TN~ June 28-30th ~ Booth 759

THANKS TO ALL who stopped by Booth 759
Great, Great show! Loved seeing everyone!


Come see, touch and PLAY most of the line along with all NEW Stereo Master 20.... This thing will rotate your head on axis! Plug into the AST, MOD84, Antares, Atomic Jr, STRs, et al. Turn UP
Swart Antares:
Our Latest 6V6/6L6

On August 21, there will be just 2% short of a total solar eclipse over Swart Headquarters. And soon to follow, there will be a 100% Tonal Eclipse over the competition with the release of the new Swart Antares, our latest 6V6/6L6 Tone Bastion of Glory...
  Coming soon...The Swart Antares
Vintage Guitar Review:
More love for Atomic Jr Head & Cab

Vintage Guitar Magazine found our Atomic Jr Head and Celestion Blue 1x12 much to their liking, reviewing the pair in the September 2017 issue. Be sure to check it out in the Mag and HERE on swartamps.com. We love both the combo and head version of this great Single-Ended 5w circuit.
 Swart Summer Mailbag
MOGWAI & Little Swart Helper?

Check out Alex Mackay of MOGWAI hitting the AST Mk II at their full album replay in Spain. And Julian Swart leaves the Soccer Field to do some NL Jr Screening....
Swart June Mailbag
12 Axe STR-Trem Plus

A slew of excited owners from 5w to 45w, Stereo to Convertible Top... A few fans write in, more to come shortly. Need to finish my eighth cup of coffee
Michael Hits Deck in Cycling
Mishap... View at own Risk

Both Michael and I love cycling, getting rides in daily. Unfortuntately for poor Michael, his single-speed cruise turned into a nightmare as he hits deck after picking up some roadside Spoils... That's a helluva A Chord Bar!!!
Swart Spring Mail Bag!
We love getting Swart Family Mail as it's always nice to get some feedback out of the Swart Soldering Bunker. Nothing like waking up on a Monday, coffee in hand, opening the mail to find some happy Swart Freaks, all fired up about the music coming from their amps. Not much better feeling on a Monday morn. Well, it's a fine April Tuesday with not a cloud in the sky and it strikes me as a perfect time to share the love. Thanks to all that take the time to write in! Can't tell you how much it means to us. Keep em coming!
March Madness Returns!
Want Swag Bag Swart Patch, Daddy!

What's it doing snowing on this island in March? It's NC and March Madness has arrived and we're not talking BBALL. spinning eyez, cats on amps, Tyler Returns... Tube Audio + Bluetooth? LOVE LOVE LOVE Celestion Blue! Or is it the CREAM? Yes! Vintage Vespa Madness. Wait, what about that Swart patch?
5w Heads ~ ST & Atomic Jr!
Over the years, we've had a slew of Swart Fans request one of the 5w Single-Ended beasts in "Head" form.  We decided to make a few this Spring, utilizing the ST-6V6se and Atomic Jr circuits.  They came out pretty cool... The two lucky enough to receive them are still jazzed in and out of the honeymoon...
A new redesigned footswitch has been on everyone's radar, including ours and the wait is over. Finally an LED Footswitch for on/off reverb/trem with tremolo speed indication to boot! Handmade in ye old Swart Shop, battery or AC powered. Utilizes plug for 1/4 cable for multiple length needs. This is a worthy upgrade for anyone with an AST/Pro, AST Head, AST Master, STR-Tremolo, SST-30, MOD84, and ST-45. It's backwards compatible with all Swarts offering "Space" & Tremolo. NOW SHIPPING! $65usd
Coming MARCH 3rd
Ray LaMontagne & SST-30
The Late Show w/Colbert

Ray LaMontagne has been fan of Swart for quite a while and has been rocking an SST-30 on tour for the last few years. Last time we saw him, he was with Letterman performing from Supernova. Now Ray's back on thte Late Show this March 3rd with Stephen Colbert, this time to promote his soon to be released album, Ouroboros. Be sure to set your DVR if too tire't to hang with the Late Nighters!
Swart Shop Holidazed...
Hope all you Swart Freaks around the world are having your holiday of choice in good spirit! The shop finally broke out that Silver Swart Kitsch Delight along with Liquid, Sonic, Visual Spirits Galore, the Jam sessions now more colorful than ever....

Wish you were here!
Love playing this Beast... Sadly, only had 30 minutes before off to a lucky dealer down South ~ kh
ST-45 Head & Cab Review
Guitar & Bass Magazine
Thanks to the eagle-eyed Swart Fan who dropped us a line to let us know of the ST-45 featured in a fine review overseas in Guitar & Bass magazine's site. Pretty articulate and perceptive take and who wouldn't like the line, "I’m chalking the Space Tone 45 up as one of the finest amps I have played." Indeed. We understand.
Swart Mailbox:
Jonn Savannah on AST II
We love great mail especially when it arrives on a Monday and a little while back, got another thanks from Jonn Savannah who was raving about his new AST Head Mk II & cab. Jonn (formerly Don Snow) has many solo releases and has recorded and played with the likes of the Sinceros, Squeeze, Procol Harum,Van Morrison, Tina Turner, Lene Lovich, Roger Daltrey, and many others. Said Jonn to Michael, "Just wanted to write and thank you for creating something seemingly in a league of its own - I will be forever grateful!" more
Renn & Brett: Late Night
MOD84 @ Swart Studio!
Renn Anderson (Singer/Songwriter) and Brett Moore (The Apache Relay) dropped by the Swart Shop/Studio to sample the new MOD84 and we thought it might be fun to roll the digital.  Let's just say both were taken and Renn walked out with the beast for his new touring rig with Danielle Bradbery.
Guitarist Magazine
Features AST in Demos

Check out some really nice work by Guitarist Magsazine in the UK with their guitar demos featuring the Swart AST. See
Black Crowes Luther Dickinson Gibson ES-335, Saint Blues Juke Joint Mississippi Bluesmaster & Scoundrel, Fender Modern Player Starcaster & Coronado Reissue, all through the AST.
2015 Winter News Update
Man, it's boring to talk about cold but it's killin' our soft underbellies down these parts! But we'll not let it dampen the exciting start to another year at Swart Amps. Indeed, a lot planned such as the release of the new EL-84 MOD 84 combo. Michael will also be hitting Winter NAMM '15, dropping by the Wathen CryoTone Tubes booth as they'll have an AST loaded to bear with their Cryogenetically treated 12AX7 and new 6V6. Should be COOL! For more details on latest as well as link to new NL JR DEMO, ROAM HERE
Trey Anastasio's ST-6V6se
We opened a VERY nice note this week, perhaps one of the nicest we've received from any artist, this from Trey Anastasio of Phish fame. Seems he is totally smitten with his Space Tone 6V6se. We had heard he had been using one at his solo gigs with various symphonies around the country but had no idea just HOW much he loved our little first born. See Trey's note here
ST-45 & 2x12 Creambacks
Sam Vilo Video Demo!

The Space Tone Forty-Five (ST-45) gets up front and center treatment as our neighbors on the other side of the Atlantic beat us to the punch with the first ST-45 Video Demo, this by the talented Sam Vilo. Nice job, Sam! He proves the ST-45 can go above and beyond liquid, organic cleans.
  ST-45 Video Demo by Sam Vilo
ST-45 makes Premier Guitar Mag Cover ~ Sept 2014
Exciting news as the Swart Space Tone Forty-Five, aka ST-45, makes Premier Guitar Magazine's 9/14 cover! Would have made an even more dramatic splash if TOPLESS....but hey, we're not complaining. The ST-45 with matching cab in 2x12 or 1x15 is hitting Swart dealers as I type so give your fav a shout to reserve. More on the ST-45 HERE ~ kh
Thanks to everyone for stopping by Swart Booth 1234 at SUMMER NAMM NASHVILLE. We had a blast and loved meeting all the great people digging the Swart vibe. If you missed it , be sure to check out a few shots from the weekend. Hoping to add some more when they roll in. See you next time!

Ok, I don't know what that means but it does not matter if you're not here to see it go down in Booth 1234. Well, maybe you can experience the next best thing with some of the photos coming back to the shop. I missed all the fun just to keep you informed (and because I have a fever of 103). But YES, we are all set up and ready to roll at Summer Namm and can't wait to open the doors at 10am, even if we could not fit the cool shaved ice truck we tried to buy and install at our booth. You ready to play the best amps in the World? Get down here * PHOTOS 7-21-14
 July 17-19 ~ Nashville Music City Center

We didn't think we would see the day for this and frankly, it's been about 10 years since the last foray into the EL-84 "suitcase" solution but you know what? We LIKE EL-84 amps, too. And we like ours even BETTER though we may be biased, though Cathode Biased in this instance. But yeah, Michael's suitcase tribute to tone is here in combo form... Man, this thing is GREAT and we're super excited about how it's turning out, even in proto combo form. It's the MOD 84 or MOD for short, and it will be in full working display in Nashville at this summer's NAMM. Again, it's worth the wait. MORE MOD - kh
  Swart's first EL-84 production amp!
ST-45 Convertible GLORY!
OK, you waited long enough. And we MADE you wait. But was it worth it? How about a total transformation. How about 45 watts of Swart CLEANS, BASS, TREBLE (a first), our BEST EQ Circuit, Swart Tube/Spring Tank Reverb, Swart Tube Tremolo, our Favorite Swart Master Volume, and last but not least, a CONVERTIBLE HEAD CAB for FULL VIEW and Tube Changin' Crazy! It's HERE! Play it at NAMM!
NAMM BOUND! Nashville, TN
  July 17-19 ~ Nashville Music City Center!
Too many to count ask us every year, "Hey man, are you going to NAMM?" We got tired of saying, "Maybe next year." Well, it's THIS YEAR as in July, as in Nashville, as in BE THERE TO PLAY IT ALL. We'll have most of the amps including the new ST-Stereo, ST-45 Proto, AST, STR-Tremolo, Atomic Jr and more, including the first SWART FREAKER and Swart Picks a Plenty.... And if we feel crazy enough, it just might be EL-84 TIME...MOD 84 Time...LIVE to play. Dont Miss It as it only comes around once every 10 years. DROP BY BOOTH 1234!
  Swart Freaker!
Dean Drouillard on his
Swart STR#1 ~ All in MP3

So did I mention that Michael and I love to get mail with attachments, mp3, vids, etc? Well, I just did. This time it's from our ole friend up in Canada, Dean Drouillard, who actually has STR #1 along with a nice AST PRO. Dean was noodling around and sent this really cool mp3 he did in his home studio, this featuring that STR #1 along with his Atomic Boost. Everything is straight into amp aside from one part that's via the BOOST.
  Dean Drouillard
Night Light Jr BLUE!
New Run in Vintage Blue

Man, just got a great shipment in of the new NL Jr. boxes in a run of cool shade of 60s BLUE, aesthetically subtle, yet standing out from the Black on Black Lemming March. Speaking of BLUE, as in LEDs in blue, stay tuned for a new SWART FOOTSWITCH with LED on/off along with a few other surprises. A cool upgrade to the stock FS that won't break the bank.
  Night Light Jr in BLUE!
Michael Aadal Group
AST Tracks from latest LP

One thing we love about the AST? It's been employed in all sorts of musical genres, from Indie to Rock to Roots to Folk to Good Country to Jazz and more. Norway's Michael Aadal dropped us a nice note of thanks for his trusty AST, this along with three tracks from his latest album, Michael Aadal Group ~ Abigail.  Give a listen... Good stuff, Michael  ~ kh
Kyle Swisher AWASH
Kyle Swisher has been a good friend of Swart for a while and we always love when he drops us a line on the latest. In talking to Kyle the other day, he mentioned a little project he was working on with the SST-30, his trusty Jazzmaster, and a Fulltone Tube Tape Delay. He sent us over an mp3 and glad he did. Really digging his sonic texture here ala hints of MBV splendor ~ kh
Night Light Jr Sparkle
Glory Fresh from Oven

Holy Ice Storm central! Alas, right before the power outage Hell Storm, we managed a glorious sparkle run, see here fresh out of the oven, baked to perfection. When we say OVEN, we're being quite literal as this is the Swart Kitchen! So YES, for all you looking for Night Light Jr SPARKLE GLORY, there is hope. We have a few heading out this week and hoping to get power restored today for even more. See your favorite Swart Dealer to put in an order.

     3/26/14 UPDATE
: Night Light Jr boxes in so more
                         should be coming down the pike shortly.
                           Put in an order at one of our dealers
                         Only a VERY limited number of Sparkle
Mark Moldre's New Vid
Moldre's latest gets new video take w/AST PRO

Australia's Mark Moldre has been a big fan of the AST PRO for quite a while and we always love getting mail featuring his latest projects. Check out his new video featuring a track from his last album, An Ear to the Earth. Mark and the band head to an old Childhood memory featured in a state of flux for "Everything I Need."
  Mark Moldre
Chris Frank's Atomic Jr
The Nepotist in Video w/ Atomic Jr sans Effects

We just got a really nice note from Chris Frank of the Nepotist lauding the Atomic Jr as the go-to amp to pair with his Les Paul. See his mail along with the excellent video of Chris and his band in Sear Sound Studio, NYC. The thing that makes this video interesting besides how well-done it is? He's using the Atomic Jr STRAIGHT with no pedals or effects. Take a look & listen in HD. Good stuff, Chris..
NIGHT LIGHT Jr Now Shipping!
The new mini Night Light Jr is now shipping with 50 receiving a Cool SPARKLE FINISH option.  This beast can be mounted in any 6V6se, Atomic Jr, STR, STR-Tremolo for a no fuss attenuation solution that's BETTER than a typical Master Volume in these small amps.  And it's bypassable with a flip of the switch. Drop by or shoot a mail to your favorite Swart Dealer to get one!

The cool weather has finally arrived & Swart is in the news. Ramping up for the fall holiday season with a few new offerings down the pike, including the new Night Light Jr for the low watt, space saver, less is more sect, along with a few other surprises, such as our first high wattage take that's infused with AST soul, the all new ST-Forty Five Head, designed for more clean 6L6 headroom via an optimized Fixed Bias circuit. Stay Tuned for more!
Latest on the Night Light Jr.
Tubes for Swart  ~
Favorite NEW Rectifier

People are always writing in asking about tube recs. Enter the TAD GZ34 STR Selected. This has to be my new favorite GZ-34/5AR4 rectifier. In my opinion, compared to the JJ GZ-34, the TAD "Selected" version sounds more open, lively, and a touch sweeter. It's likely a bit less voltage than the JJ, perhaps with a touch more sag. We don't have measurements yet, but in my back to back comparisons with the JJ, this tube shines and gives the Swart, especially the low wattage options, a bit more harmonic richness and tonal complexity. Just sounds like more going on with some extra layering, making the entire result even more dimensional. The JJ might exhibit a bit more headroom. It's almost like a cross between a NOS 5Y3 & a GZ34 sonically, though with more the GZ34 headroom. Yeah, a few have rattled a bit. And I don't have long term results, but it's in my Swart amps at home. ~ kh

R.J. Ronquillo takes the
STR-Tremolo for a Spin

RJ Ronquillo is a cool cat with some great chops who just happens to be a long time Swart fan.  We love his stuff with his AST and when he expressed interest in the STR-Tremolo, we knew good things were in store. Ole RJ always loves tossing stuff up on youtube and he never disappoints.   Take a look at RJ on the STR-Tremolo, this in two videos putting the beast around the bend & back for more.  Go RJ ~ kh

RJ Ronquillo on the STR-Tremolo
Speck Mountain ~
Badwater LP/CD/MP3

Speck Mountain have been Swart proponents for quite a while and their latest endeavor, their third album, Badwater, is an excellent showcase for the pair's psychedelic, ethereal, dreamscape numbers.  Marie-Claire's lilting voice and Karl's roam-the-canyon guitar is on great display once again, but now with a new backing band out on the road. Take a look and listen to Speck Mountain & Badwater

ST-STEREO MP3s~Lincoln Morris
Lincoln Morris is a long time Swart friend and a great player, often understated and usually intriguing.  Linc's been using a modified AST along with a slew of other Swart offerings.  This time, he absconded with the ST-Stereo Head for a recording session in VA.  We got lucky and caught him on returning the beast, getting a few MP3.  He tossed in a take from the session as well.  Check em out.

Lincoln Morris on the Swart ST-Stereo

The Latest w/John Oates
Michael was able to catch Hall & Oates in Durham to visit long-time Swart friend, John Oates, for what was reportedly a great show.  John is one of the nicest guys and always fun to catch up with. Oates latest project is a collection of original songs that will be released once a month in a series of digital singles. The styles of the tracks cross many musical genres and each has a unique story. All of the songs are written or co-written by Oates with exciting collaborations with top artists and producers including: Vince Gill, Ryan Tedder (OneRepublic), Nathan Chapman (Taylor Swift), Hot Chelle Rae, Tommy Simms (Eric Clapton), Bleu McAuley, Mike Henderson (Steel Drivers), Tom Bukovac, Teddy Morgan (Kevin Costner) Pete Huttlinger and Tim Lauer. He was also able to work with Nashville songwriting legends like Pat Alger, Craig Wiseman and Jim Lauderdale.

See Michael giving ole John an AST II rundown.
  photos  |  johnoates.com

  Michael Swart with John Oates
The Vaccines
I played it tilI I was almost locked in the shop & I STILL couldnt believe it.  This has to be the biggest sounding amp we make in many ways. I know I'm always going off about this and that, but this beast is truly special. I'm really loving it with the two Creambacks in the Stereo cab, too.  Better get in the queue. I actually am ~ kh
Swart's own Hillybilly Ham II is beside himself with Awe at amazing ST-Stereo
Space Tone Stereo? 
Yep.  Michael's done it again. As I said, I played it till the lights were cut off.  I'd be playing it now instead of typing this mess if it wasnt locked in the shop.  5w + 5w together...apart....trem bouncing craziness sounding larger than my Grandmother's thighs. You gotta hear it.  Play all the Swart Brigade at SEGAS ~ Sept 22-23 @ Raleigh Convention Center ~ Raleigh, NC.
Southeastern Guitar and Amp Show
STR-Tremolo HERE!
STR-TREMOLO is at the dealers as I type. And so is that insane FuzzyBoost  now a popular option run in conjunction with the Atomic Boost.  It's all HERE and with a lot of Fuzz... I'm predicting a big run on these STR-Trem based on my time wailing on it~ kh

Where's FALL?  HIGH POWER AST & STR-Tremolo A Go...Stay Tuned
Been a long time but we've been super busy this summer. Got a host of new Dealers here and overseas.  Wanted to let the Swart Amps Brigade know that all is well post Irene as she skirted the coast far enough offshore to keep us shut down for only 48 hours. Hope to see you guys at the Southeastern Guitar & Amp Show at the Raleigh Convention Center on Sept 24th-25th. Looking to bring the new STR-Tremolo, High Power AST HEAD/MASTER, Swart Fuzz, Swart NL Headphone Amp, AST Master, Atomic Jr, SST, along with the whole line, all plugged in with tubes aglow.

See Swart Dealers Page!
Festivus! Dealers, Vids, Mail, Photos!
Feels like I just finished the turkey when suddenly, it's Christmas/Festivus/MerryUs time at the Swart Shack.  Where are the elves when you need them? See the latest dealers here and abroad, a great little AST vid from Ade in UK with cool guitars, Swart Brigade Mail, Night Light Madness, and more photos. Am I forgetting something? YES, it's SWART CHRISTMAS TIKES!
Buddy Miller w/ Robert Plant & Band of Joy
We love the legendary Buddy Miller for his tone, consummate taste, not to mention his amazing playing.  When he contacted us with interest in getting an AST, which turned into TWO AST PROs in stereo, we were more than flattered.  When we heard this was for a tour with none other than Robert Plant for his upcoming release Band of Joy, perhaps ecstatic is a better word.  And Buddy has been loving his AST Pros ever since.  You might have caught him in the last few months with these beasts in play.  Check the latest tour schedule for a cant miss show.
See SEGAS photos

14lb Beast:  Space Tone Atom!
Peter Parcek ~ Greg V HD ~ Facebook
Michael threw down the gauntlet: Either return that @#$% Space Tone Atom Prototype of I'll sick my son on you with his popsicle hands.  Man, this thing is too good.  Too fun.  Too small to sound this big.  I almost lost it.  On purpose.  First round are heading to dealers as I tyoe.  Tons of news this cycle including more on the Space Tone Atom, the 6V6se on Reverb Steroids, the amazing PETER PARCEK with more tone out of an ST then anyone, Greg V=AST HD, Freaky NZ Simon, Onward Soldiers Swart Circle Video, and more.  And we're on facebook...

Swart Amps Live @ The Amp Show
March 6th & 7th ~   Austin, TX

Michael Swart and the entire Swart line, including a few surprises, will be at The Amp Show in Austin, TX on March 6th -7th.  Come play your Swart of choice, or sample them ALL in our room full of tube glory.  Hear what all the fuss is about first hand and talk to Michael, as down to earth as always.  Will the next new release be on hand?  Come find out!  Get a chance to win a Night Light, too!
Swart Amps at The Amp Show in Austin March 6th&7th, 2010!
Happy 2010!  Swart in new Decade
Hope you guys had a great holiday.  What day is it again?  Is it really 2010?  And do you say "twenty-ten" or "two-thousand and ten?"  Michael is soldering like a fiend, knee deep in Night Light Mania.  The first batch is out the door and we've already received great feedback.  Pushing two Swarts with one output and you cant stop smiling.  Quit reading this blather and check out Susanna Hoffs & Vicki Peterson atop one of their three Swart STR-Tweeds.  Like their buddy Matthew Sweet, they are smitten with the 5 watter.  Wait till they hear the latest greatest... can you say Baby Swart REVERB?  Might be my new fav! MORE
Holiday Craziness & The NIGHT LIGHT
Well, we've had this beast here for a while now and it was always near a virtual fist fight to see who could take the Night Light proto home.  Audrey sang three cheers for the attenuator, that is, until I plugged up my AST & STR-Tweed for some holiday cheer.  My face is still numb... GOOD LORD, it made beautiful racket!
Swart Update: What took you so...
What a sad sight. Why? Because I've got a pile of mails, photos, samples, concert dates, and Swart updates all sitting here. I can see them. You can't. Yep. First off, see Rafiq Bhatia's INSANELY good jazz cuts on the AST.  Next, drop by to find out about Speck Mountain.  And did you see September Vintage Guitar's STR-Tweed rave? How about the AST Head II & 1x12 in TONEQUEST? Stay tuned to the site for new reader videos and samples featuring the AST, STR-Tweed, ST-6V6se, and SST-30, this along with a host of cool photos you Swart fiends have been sending in (thanks Daniel DeGeit for the EXCELLENT ST-6V6se shot on last week's splash page!) And oh yes, as always, Michael has something cool in the mix ~ stay tuned -kh
see more (yeah worth the look) Swart News Archives    

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