Swart Amps First 5w, Class A, Single-Ended Heads
 ST-6V6se & Atomic Jr Heads

5W Class A - Single-Ended - 6V6/6L6 - Tube Rectified - with/without Tube Reverb Head Cab in lightweight package ~ Grab & Go Small Footprint

Swart's 5w options have been creating a storm since introduction way back in 2003 with the ST-6V6se and later the Atomic Jr with reverb. Now you can get these same circuits in a cool, tidy, grab and go head cabinet.  The Reverb is the same great circuit seen in the Atomic Jr. with 12DW7 fed into a spring tank for near surf-esque reverb. The circuit remains über simple for the best touch sensitivity, tone, and responsiveness.  The ST-6V6se is the bone simple 6V6se with volume and tone cut. Both the ST-6V6se and Atomic Jr include Tube rectification with the GZ-34.  There is a switchable EQ response in the Atomic Jr Head in place of the 6V6se's feedback switch. Aside from the ST-Stereo, this is the first single implementation of ANY of our 5w amps into a dedicated head cabinet.  Right now, only applicable for the ST-6V6se and Atomic Jr circuits. Honestly, we REALLY love the little 8" cabinet/speaker combination but for those that really desire a head, this would be for you. If interested, please inquire here or your favorite Swart dealer.

Dimensions:  9.5" T  x  13" W  x  8" D   Weight: 14lbs

ST-6V6se Head
Atomic Jr Head
* Either in Dark Tweed w/fee

1x12 Open Back Pine Cab in Tweed
1x12 Unloaded

1x12 Unloaded Dark Tweed

1x12 BV-25

1x12 Creamback 75

1x12 Alnico Blue, Ruby, Gold, Cream

1x12 Dark Tweed Creamback 75

1x12 Dark Blue, Ruby, Gold, Cream

                                                                                               ST-6V6se Head
                                                                                                           Featuring ST-6V6se Circuit

Atomic Jr Head
Featuring Atomic Jr Circuit




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