Swart Stereo Master 20 Head
 20w + 20w All Tube Stereo w/Master Volume • 6V6/6L6 • Tube Reverb • 2X Tube Tremolo • Tube Rectification •   HUGE Swirling Tone Monster!

This amazing amp has really been a long time coming but the wait is worth it. This is our greatest 6V6/6L6 stereo push-pull effort to date .We're talking TWO 20 watt amps in one chassis, each with separate controls for EQ & tone along with tube/spring tank reverb and 2X Tube Tremolo with a unique Stereo Master Volume control. Simply put, you have to hear it to understand how BIG this thing sounds. And not only can this amp be used as a traditional stereo amp, either into our 2x12 cab or two sep cabs with more spread, you can opt to employ as a legitimate consolidated WET/DRY setup in ONE head going to two diff cabs. The dark tweed head is truly something special. And it will take 6V6 or 6L6 for a bit more headroom. Rectifier options include 5AR4 and 5Y3 for most sag/compression and sweetness.


Stereo Master 20
Sub 6V6 or 6L6 with NO BIAS HEADACHE.

Stereo Master 20


Stereo Master 20 Tube Chart



Stereo Master 20 Flow Chart

Swart Stereo Master 20 Flow Chart

Stay tuned for more soon including some killer samples.

18-20w x 2 • Stereo Master Volume • Tube Reverb • 2X Tube Tremolo • Run 6V6 or 6L6 • Volume x 2 • Tone x 2 • Standby • Foot Switch • 2x EQ • Carbon Comp Resistors • Mallory • Sprague • JJ Caps • Channel 1&2 Stereo Outputs to drive external cabs 4/8/16 ohm selectable Outputs for each amp

Stereo Master 20 Head.........10¼"(H) 22”(W) 9 3/8”(D) 35lbs
2x12 Stereo Cab..................28" W x 17.5" T x 13" D ~ 46 lbs

Stereo Master 20 Head
4-8-16ohm Output ~ Dark Tweed

ST-Master 20 Head

2x12 Stereo Open Back Pine ~ Dark Tweed
 2x12 Stereo Unloaded

 2x12 Stereo Creambacks
 2x12 Stereo Alnico Ruby, Gold, Cream


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