Swart Amplifier Co was founded on a simple principle:
Everything revolves around great Tone.

And where there is great tone, there are VALVES; no solid state devices need apply. Rectification is by valve, not harsh sounding solid-state diodes.

Finally, there is something that equals the heyday of valve amplifiers, with quality point to point wired circuits using excellent iron and parts that don't leech the harmonics from the stream.

Swart Amplifier Co brings harmonic richness and warmth, rendering solid state amplification sterile. Employing custom modifications of classic circuits featuring point to point wiring, Class A bias, tube rectification, and PP & Single-Ended output, we aim to bring great tone to the forefront again. Swart Amplifiers: Hand built to last a lifetime - Modern Day Classics.

Space Tone Tweed Combo Series
See the Swart AST Head II! 

AST Head II & Cab
NEW 20w 6V6/6L6/EL-34
Swart Master , Trem, Verb!
See the new Super 30 head & Cab!

 Super Space Tone 30
  SST-30 Head & Cabinet ~ Huge Organic Tone
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See the Swart Atomic Boost with NOS Mullard OC44 
See the latest Swart Pedal:
Atomic Boost w/Mullard OC44