Dean Drouillard
STR#1 All In

Dean's been a friend of Swart for quite a while now, owning an AST Pro as his go-to gigging amp along with the first STR ever made, serial #1. It's certainly a rare bird.

We love getting gifts in the mail and Dean tossed this great little mp3, all neatly packaged in his home studio.

Dean writes, "All the guitars (335, Casino, Gretsch Nashville, Rickenbacker 12) are directly through the STR with no added effects....with one exception: The Rickie 12 is really fuzzed out with thanks to the Swart Atomic Boost pedal. I'm currently running a 6L6, though I go back and forth all the time with the 6V6. Lately, I've appreciated the extra headroom."

Thanks for the great little clip, Dean. Well-Done!   
~ kh

Play via iPad/iPhone PlayerALL_IN.mp3 2:43 ~ Dean Drouillard

Dean Drouillard in home studio w/Swart STR/Atomic Boost   

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