Kyle Swisher was lucky enough to get FuzzyBoost #2.  He went ape:

This pedal is f'ing awesome.

You've done it.

You've ended the tone quest that I've been on for all of my guitar playing life...

The pairing of the SST-30 and the FuzzyBoost lays everything else to waste...

Whats the point!?!?  Why go on?!!

It's like finding the holy grail and realizing it comes with the best cheeseburger you've ever had.

I'm in love.

I don't know how to support you guys anymore. What else can you do to top this? I'm going to start ordering custom stuff from you now.  Atomic Space Station? Trem,Space,FuzzyBoost,Atomic Boost in one enclosure? Possible? Too crazy??? Maybe just the 2 boosts.  Atomic Fuzz? You've got to admit there's a ring to it. Have you tried the Atomic Boost into the FuzzyBoost? Of course you have!!! I don't have to tell you that it works well. I just had a friend of mine plug both into an old Fender Vibro Champ and his question was...."Were these meant to to be used together?" It works dude.  You get all that high end harmonic bliss from the A-boost while the F-boost brings back that low end.


Done ranting...I'm just preaching to the preacher at this point.

Thanks so much for the '002'. It makes me feel special.

With all my sonic love.

- Kyle

Later, ole Kyle composed himself and left this review and mention on The Gear Page forum:

I was lucky enough to get in on the first batch of the new fuzz pedal from Swart. The name says it all, the "Dirt" knob provides the germanium fuzz while the "In" knob works as a pre-volume/gain/intensity boost. The two knobs can be used by themselves to achieve different effects, but tonal bliss appears when they are combined.

The two things I love most about the pedal:

1. Lack of "Tone" knob
The FuzzyBoost doesn't favor a specific frequency, it accentuates whatever your amp is already putting out. The pedal doesn't pigeonhole you to a bass and treble monster or a swarm of midrang-y bees, like most fuzzes do.

2. Loves an overdriven amp
I already own the best amp in the world (Swart SST-30) and it already gets nice and fuzzy on it's own, and things became too crazy and out of control when layering on another fuzz. The FuzzyBoost on the other hand brings...well...a boost, but also adds a texture that's organic and most importantly, musical.

The guys at Swart didn't make this pedal to just work with it's own amps. I tried it out with a Fender Blues Jr (clean and driven) and it sounded great.

Can't wait for everyone else to get one!

Kyle Swisher
Everett, WA

I picked up the Fuzzy Boost a few weeks ago and I have to say that it is one of the most versatile and usable fuzzes I have ever used. (I have probably owned 35 different fuzzes) I am running it into an Atomic Boost through either a cranked AST Pro or SST-30.

Between the three knobs you can get fat thick fuzz, bright fuzz or anywhere in between. You can also vary how gritty it gets. It can be set to clean up fast or slow with your volume knob on the guitar and it doesn't get that nasty, harsh sound many fuzz faces get when you turn down.

Very well done boys!

Scott Kaufman
Boulder, CO

I just thought I'd let you know that I'm really impressed with the Fuzzy Boost. It really is very, very versatile and, in my experience quite unique.

I really like how the interaction of the input and dirt controls enables you to not only transition through different styles of boost, overdrive, fuzzy drive and fuzz but also balance warmth, clarity and aggression.

What else can I say other than it's a cool box and bound for my board!

Thanks again.

Grant Ferstat
The Jayco Brothers
Perth, Australia

I only own one Fuzz pedal since getting the Swart FuzzyBoost.   Had seven, now only one.  Simply put, the FuzzyBoost is easily the most versatile and musical Fuzz I have ever tracked with. It's extremely difficult to blend usability and uniqueness into a fuzz pedal, but they did exactly that. It's already been all over the US with me, on sessions and producers love this thing! Absolutely brilliant.

Korey Garvey
Minneapolis, MN



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