Star-Base 1 came from from musician/customer feedback for the need of a sub 20w option with some added flexibility along with that great Swart tube bias reverb, this with the ability to dial in the breakup and overall final volume level in multiple ways with our own built in attenuator and unique post phase inverter master volume for two options to control the final result.  The attenuator is a custom adaptation of our NL three position switch with resistors optimized for the Star-Base 1 gain/output.   It can be housed in a SMALL or midsize cabinet and the weight is VERY manageable.  Best of all, sounds AMAZING with great cleans and excellent breakup. Like all Swart amps, the Star-Base 1 employs tube rectification for that natural tone and great sweet breakup potential, which can be tailored with choice of rectifier. Check out the workmanship/wiring below.

~ kh








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