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Jonn Savannah Smitten with AST Mk II

Once again, another great mail from a Swart fan, this from a long time professional that's recorded and played with the likes of Squeeze, Procol Harum, Van Morrison, Tina Turner, Roger Daltrey, and many, many others, not to mention putting out quite a few solo releases (Back in the day, you might remember him as Don Snow
). Jonn now runs a cool studio in NJ. Super nice guy and ever since he found the AST Mk II, he's been a fan, sending us more than a few accolades and even tossing over some samples. Thanks a lot, Jonn. Sounds great! ~ kh

My name is Jonn Savannah - I’m from the UK and played with Squeeze, Tina Turner & Van Morrison - jonnsavannah.com

Just bought the AST head and 1x12 cab with a Celestion Greenback from D-Town Guitars yesterday and I think my mind has totally blown apart!

I really wasn’t expecting to spend the bulk of Fathers Day itching to get back into the studio to re-experience the tonal nirvana that has dwarfed my Hand Wired Vox AC30, my Rivera Clubster 45 and even my 1964 Fender Vibrolux Reverb!

Unbelievable. I haven’t heard a duff vibe out of your amp yet and expect I won’t. No matter what guitar I throw at it everything sounds stellar and it makes me play in a completely different fashion. Somehow I’ve gone from trying valiantly to sound like an authentic old blues guy, to becoming a grubby swamp rat with a peg leg and an eye missing - I really did wake up this morning….

Just wanted to write and thank you for creating something seemingly in a league of its own - I will be forever grateful!

Kindest regards


Jonn states: "Here’s a track I just did for fun - yeah a bit of the Albatross vibe - I’ve always loved that track!The guitar is a Feiten Signature Elite...Threw in some reverb from Pro Tools and stuck a bass on to pin down the chord changes a bit more.

Jonn Savannah-Bird of Peace mp3 ~ 2:40

Jonn: "‘Stoop' is my 2001 R9 Les Paul and ‘HRF' is a 1998 Howard Roberts Fusion. These two tracks are nothing but the amp and the guitars and a Shure 57. Crazy but it's true! Not many amps have this much personality. I was always very aware of how much my playing changed depending on the sound coming back, but I've never had an amp that changed my own cool factor! Ha! For some reason I become a gritty, dirty hobo with addiction problems... Just lovin' it!

Jonn Savannah ~ HRF mp3 ~ :30

Jonn Savannah ~ Stoop mp3 ~ :46





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