Mark Moldre

We have quite a few Swart fans down in Australia and New Zealand and it's always great to hear the latest, especially from one of our favorites, Mark Moldre, who is also either laying down some tracks or out on the road. Mark's a big fan of the AST Pro and has used it on practically everything with strings, both on stage and in recording. Check out his latest video from his last album, this shot in one of his childhood homes that happened to be in perfect state for "Everything I Need." ~ kh

"We used the AST PRO for practically all the guitar parts on "An Ear to the Earth" including the lap slide parts as well. I think the only thing we didn't use it for was the pedal steel stuff. I even recorded my acoustic through it for a couple of songs. Never looked back once after purchasing that amp. Love it.

Mark Moldre
Mark Moldre / Hitchcock's Regret


Mark Moldre ~ AST PRO

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