Michael Aadal Group Abigail

Love when we get Swart Fan mail from overseas especially when it includes some recordings or vids. Norway's Michael Aadal dropped us a nice note complete with a few tracks from his new album, Abigail, all done on the AST. Very nice, Michael ~ kh

Just wanted to thank you again for making such a great amp; my Swart AST has been my main amp for a couple of years now. After lots of gigs and several album recordings, it still amazes me every time I use it! No other amp I`ve ever used has that sweet mellow and dark tone that my AST has. And the tremolo is just amazing.

Anyway, I just wanted to share some tunes from my latest album; Michael Aadal Group Abigail.

The whole album was pretty much recorded with guitar - cable - Swart. I just used a vibrato pedal on some tunes, and a fuzz on another one. Hope you`ll like it.

BTW, you should get a new dealer here in Norway, I think I`ve could`ve sold mine over 10 times ;)

Best Regards from Norway,

Abigail ~ Michael Aadal Group 3:58

Old Friend ~ Michael Aadal Group 7:15

The Way Home ~ Michael Aadal Group 7:01

Michael Aadal Group

Michael Aadal - Guitar | André Kassen - Saxophone
Anders Hofstad Sørås - Pedal Steel Guitar
Ole-Bjørn Talstad - Piano
Audun Ramo - Bass | Gunnar Sæter - Drums

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