Merry Christmas, Happy Festivus, Joy
to World & Please send the Elves!

No, these are not Elves although we have tried various ways to put these tikes to work , to no avail. They do like pretending to work by hiding soldering irons, building Night Light-Atomic Boost cities, and creating havoc when let loose at whim. Alas, while Swart Tikes don't make good worker Elves, they do keep the Swart Shop Kitties on their toes, all six of them per paw, Papa Hemingway style.

They cant wait for the 25th when Santa Swart brings gifts and good tidings. IF an amp or pedal is heading your way these holidays, you can rest assured that it will have the blessings of all things Swart, including kitties, tikes, and Mama Swart. I'm getting vaklempt just thinking about it.

Merry Christmas, Happy Festivus, New Year , and all that stuff from everyone at the Swart Shop!

-kh ~

Swart welcomes NEW Dealers in US, CAN, AUS
Some great new dealers have joined the Swart Brigade with more on the way.  We are going to make a concerted effort to bring Swart Amps nearer to locations where people can plug in personally. We now have a dealer in the DC and Toronto area, along with our first Australian dealer.  And you guys up in Alberta have a great option as well.  Go try thy Swart. 
khkh ~ Swart Amplifier Co. | Swart Online


Action Music Falls Church, VA


Mojo Music Oakville, Ontario (Near Toronto)


Brian's Guitars Hamden, CT


Avenue Guitars Edmonton, Alberta CAN


555 Music Co. Victoria, Australia

  Strings Shop Bangkok Thailand

Our latest UK Cohort, Ade Miller, winds up his stellar vintage guitar collection of our favorites

Ole Ade drops us notes every now and then since he's been smitten with AST winter fever over in the UK.  When we saw his collection, we wanted to move in with him!  This simply blows us away, much like the AST blew Ade away.   Ade writes:

Just thought you'd like to see my 'it's what Harmonys were made for' photos. It's been a long, long wait but finally after 50 years or so, these guitar are now with their soul mate. I call it ATOMIC SEX TONE - I mean, Dearmonds and Swart - surely the hottest vintage tones ever!

Ade Miller
ToneZone Music, UK



Ade is back with AST and '64 Watkins Rapier

We were still recovering from Ade's photos when sent this below.  In Ade's own words:

The sublime Swart Atomic Space Tone 20 watt combo from North Carolina paired with my 1964 Watkins Rapier built in the UK. This amp can even make my budget Brit poor man's Strat sound pretty good. Sorry it's a bit outta tune guys. An unusual meeting of two great manufacturers. The Swart AST is the best amp I've ever played through, no matter what guitar I'm using - it always thrills and shines. I had to sell a lot of gear to pay for it but boy, was it worth it. Oh, that's my 1957 Harmony H62 next to it, by the way. Not selling that though! Cheers from the Cotswolds in the UK!

Ade Miller
ToneZone Music, UK



Swart Elves on alert? No, it's ole Kent Hobson going crazy with soldering iron! Bless Kent!

With the success of the Atomic Boost and now the latest monster hit, the Night Light Attenuator, we've been needing some help.  Elves were considered but we couldn't find a single damn elf that was worth anything on the bass or skins.  Michael and loons had been pounding my 45yr old Ludwigs till they were crying for help.  Enter Sir Kent, a wizard with iron, strings, and the skins.  Now Michael doesn't have to bug me to come over on Saturday Nights when I'm still recovering from vintage two-wheel hell.  Thank you, Mr. Kent, from the bottom of my quads.  This also means we're not so backordered on ye olde pedals.  Here's to Kent! ~ kh 



Our good friend up North, Dean Drouillard, sings Swart Space Tone Atom's Praises

Well, we're getting mails in from all over. One of the more amusing happened to be from Dean Drouillard in Canada, who added the new Atom to his Swart Mix. Dean finally got time to write and tossed us a classic photo and a few words ~ kh

Hi Guys, I just got home from a couple months of touring and finally got a chance to sit with my Space Tone Atom.

I can't stop playing guitar! it's really amazing. so satisfying and full-sounding at a reasonable volume level.

I can't wait to record this thing! Thanks again for the awesome piece of equipment and customer service, Michael and Kelly.

Dean Drouillard



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