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5w Class A • Tube Reverb 6V6/6L6 14lbs!

Emails, calls, carrier pigeons, drive-bys... everything is in the mix when it comes to finding out info on the latest 14lb, 5w, single-ended, Class A tube wonder with the 12DW7 triode run reverb.  Michael made the mistake of letting me borrow the Space Tone Atom for a weekend.  He didn't say WHAT weekend it had to be back.  Now dealers are calling with gnashing of teeth, hands in air, wondering when, why, how will this thing show up.  Ok, maybe I better bring it back, seeing it's #1 and the prototype, all rolled in one.  Problem is, I know I wont see one again except in testing, surely fun for minutes but I'm addicted.

Swart Space Tone Atom

Yep, the Space Tone Atom is the 6V6se with a year in the making triode reverb stage utilizing the aforementioned 12DW7 fed into a cool little spring tank at the bottom of cab.  The reverb in this little monster has to be heard to be believed as most tend to be underwhelming in this small a package.  Not so with the 14lb Space Tone Atom.   The circuit remains amazingly simple, including this reverb stage, and will feature volume, tone, and Swart's

patented "Space" or reverb control. There will be a switchable gain option in place of the 6V6se feedback switch, this utilizing a new section with more capacitance that can be bypassed.  It will have a 4ohm output and come stock with the Weber Signature 8 Ceramic. The tweed covered, finger-jointed pine cab will resemble a baby AST with light tweed and dark side panels. Other covering options are available.

Sizing is the same as the ST-6V6se: 13 3/4T x 13W x 7 1/4 D @ 14lbs.

The intro pricing is coming in at $1199.   I already have one on order if that gives you an idea.

Should be leaving the shop in the next two-three weeks give or take.  We already have close to 30 orders and ST-Atom #2 has not even left the bench.  UPDATE: First Space Tone ATOMS have shipped to a few lucky dealers with more to follow. 

Contact your favorite Swart Dealer.

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Latest Hero:  Peter Parcek RIPPING IT UP via ST-6V6se!

I have watched this no less then 10 times today.  Gets better and better each time, almost impossible not to smile. Seriously.  At the end of this video, I'm grinning ear to ear.  Good Lord, Pete Parcek can play!  This is bone simple, pure playing goodness.  Watch Peter take his little Swart ST-6V6se where no one goes.  Man, I love this guy.  He has some great stuff with the AST, too.  At a time when most blues has become cliche and almost parody, it's refreshing to hear someone that does it right.  Hail to Peter!  This was recorded live at Alternate Root TV - See ALL THREE PARCEK VIDEOS HERE    khkh ~ Swart Amplifier Co. | Swart Online


Let's see what else has been going on around here lately  ~  khkh ~ Swart Amplifier Co. | Swart Online

Hannah & Simon in
The Valley of Torsos ~ NZ

Welcome one of my favorite pen pals from down under and across the pond.  It's none other than ole Simon Gregory. 

Seems Simon meet someone with some talent and looks named Hannah Harding.....then practiced once, smiled a lot, then hit the NZ Wunderbar, complete with dolls heads, torsos, upside-down aesthetic.

Direct from ole Simon himself:

"This was our first gig ever, and we kinda practiced once in an informal way. Hannah is very talented, mad as a snake, and men folk regularly swoon and make fools of themselves in her presence. This was recorded using an ordinary digital camera, not a video camera so the sound is less than pristine, but I tampered with the audio a little to attempt to pump up the almost non-existent bass and reduce the overwhelming midrange. And some noise reduction etc etc...

The venue was the strange and exotic wunderbar, that place with the dolls head lampshades and mirrored torso, located in the seedy, eclectic and reluctantly gentrificating harbor town of Lyttelton.

Hannah writes her own songs, but this one is a cover of a song called Stroker Ace by an outfit called Lovage, and is quiet different in feel from the original. It appears to be about stroking a cat, I think... something to do with a pet I'm sure.  People who want to offer us international stardom may do so care of our agent, kelly, or if you type "Hannah and Simon" into facebook search, you may well find a hastily created page..."

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Wilmington, NC's Onward, Soldiers
steps out with cool vid

These guys are all friends of the Swart shop and we've known many for years.  That's why it's cool to see them get some nice stuff out.  We see them moving above and beyond so keep a lookout for Onward, Soldiers.  We love the video, complete with AST Art... Get free MP3 downloads, dates, and more from onwardsoldiers.net

Swart Amps on facebook

Swart Amps on Swart Amps on facebook

Ok, it's been a long time coming...and it's still an adjustment, but we're finally on facebook.  Only signing up a few weeks ago, with the word not really out, it's not actually a bed of activity but hopefully things will come around.  The few that have stopped by have been great.   And right now, we are STILL running a PHOTO COMPETITION for some lucky soul to win a Swart NIGHT LIGHT.  When is the contest over?  Hurry up and enter a photo while it's still going; I'm still putting off a decision.  heh... 


Guitar Demos w/AST & PRO

Greg V has started really moving on his latest venture, doing HD video demos for manufacturers and dealers.  Fat Sound hooked up with Greg and have thrown a number of items his way.  So when Greg had to demo some guitars, what amps did he pick?  Yep, the Swart AST and AST PRO.   We really wish Greg V the best as he is doing an excellent job with these vids.  And he ALWAYS kills it on the guitar.  We never get enough of Greg.

See two HD vids focusing on the guitars, but with his favorite AST PRO and AST.  Click on shots at left to see corresponding video.


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Greg V on the AST PRO Greg V vid on AST