Atomic Jr ~ Chris Frank of The Nepotist
Got a nice note from Chris Frank, guitarist for The Nepotist. Seems he's a big fan of the Atomic Jr. See his mail below along with a video from from his band. What makes this even more interesting? He is plugged directly into the Swart Atomic Jr with no pedals or effects. This is straight Atomic Jr.... Thanks for the nice words and vid, Chris. ~ kh

I’ve always thought of my electric guitar as only half an instrument, and I just wanted to thank you for building the other half. My Les Paul and Atomic Jr have been inseparable since 2011.

Not too long ago, my band and I got to sneak into Sear Sound in Manhattan to make a video. They had some fine amps there, but I’ve never heard one with a better growl (and reverb!!) than yours. Here’s the video—my guitar is plugged straight into my Atomic Jr, no pedals.

Thanks again for bringing such a fine instrument into the world.

Chris Frank
The Nepotist

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