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This entire melange of news stories, photos, samples, comments, and detritus use to exist on the main news page; unfortunately, it was starting to become mighty HUGE, actually larger than the ST-Stereo SOUNDS, a frightening thought.  A lot of GREAT GREAT stuff below, though and worth going through today as well as when it first debuted on the site. 

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Thanks to everyone that dropped by room 233 to visit Michael and our guest guitarist, Jimmy Nations. We had a great show and some lucky souls walked away new members of the Swart Brigade. Hope to see you all again next time around.
AST Head II & 1x12 Cabinet!
The first AST Head limited edition sold out in 45 days. GONE. It's been a long time and I can't count how many email prods, but it's finally here, and lord, it's worth the wait. The new AST HEAD II takes the legendary Atomic Space Tone and adds the most compelling Master Volume implementation around, and totally bypassable! I promise, you will be blown away all over again as style and substance marry with this amazing amp...Roland stops by to jam, too!
STR-TWEED~Most Fun yet?
Where have you been? No updates for WHAT!? Well, we've got so much coming down the pike these next two months, I don't know where to start. First, I cannot stop cackling about this new amp as it's the hottest, most insane breakup beast we've done. Check out the new STR-TWEED, the ST-6V6se on steroids with 12" speaker and extra gain making this the BIGGEST 5 Watts you'll ever hear in your life. Yeah, I've been known to exaggerate but I cant exaggerate THIS any more... Lord. Also, stay tuned for videos, Matthew Sweet MP3s, Mail, photos, Swart Freaks, the SST & Matera, OAR. etc etc...
See the new AST PRO!
You have to see the new AST PRO, an AST on steroids built for the gigging musician with master guitarist Greg V's input. It features recessed controls, a larger/deeper cabinet for more speaker options, new switchable output panel, and the legendary Celestion G12H-30 stock. Now in a luscious DARK TWEED.
We have so much stuff going on and a plethora of great photos, mails, new artists, and a new model, already out the door. As for the AST Panel Kit, here's something to get those AST freaks into a lather. And I have to tell you, it's a two for one no brainer. All you need is a Philips Head along with open eyes and ears; the difference is not subtle.. More soon...I know, I know. I'm a horse's ass, but I will answer all mail in minutes or you get a free... -kh
Winter/Spring Items to Peruse
NY Amp Show!
2/10Swart hit Grammys Musing on '08 in '09, late night jam, Mailbag photos. Introducing AST Head II & Cabinetw/bypassable Master Volume Matthew Sweet STR-Tweed MP3s Sunshine Lies Tour TONIGHT SHOW: Patrick Matera & SST-30 w/Katy Perry a stir at the shop: STR-TWEED see AST PRO, designed w/Greg V! AST upgrade; AST PRO Panel Kit! Ok, I'm a horse's ass. except...

AST 2x12 Cab ~ Dark 6V6se ~ D-Mojo Swart Fiend photos~Ludlow Guitars
Yeah, Sir Swart's B-Day arrived, sailed by, ran aground, and he's probably still recovering from that night, as it was one of those 4am Jam Sessions with nothing left on the table. Poor lad was last seen in the fetal position on the back seat of his '66 VW Bug. Yep, It's a good time to be around the Swart shop these days except for the banging of hammers on the Swart abode tike expansion. And you'll just have to see what all the fuss is about, including you AST lovers getting your own 2x12 cab, the cool new DARK custom ST-6V6se, more from Daddy "Cigar Box" Mojo. Oh, I can't forget the AST mule tide chassis love, ole E.J. going Swart crazy, and Ludlow Guitars & The Music Zoo...And I'm still loving the "Man, I thought Matchless was an amp co" mail!

4/15 SUMMARY: AST Head tease, custom ST-6V6se, Daddy Mojo, NEW Dealers, Swart Fiend photos... 3/30 HAPPY B-Day, Michael! 3/11 60mph gusts didn't slow Swart shop, atlhough taking a corner on a '61 Matchless is problematic. Rax Trax ST Harp Magic to Daddy Mojo Cigar Box AST Glory! 2/27 ROUND-UP: Photos, Cycle Fever. See Tyler's AST...Rufff Plus Jeremy's John 2/4 Big 2-4-08 Round-Up.
Daddy Mojo AST Blues & Harp 6V6se Magic
Swart is a rather unique company so we have appreciation for others taking the less beaten path. That's why we were all fired up when ole Lenny from Daddy Mojo sent us a link to his amazing Cigar Box Guitar videos featuring none other than our AST. Man, if you havent seen these beasts, you need to! I am wanting one of these something fierce as they sound like a tone monster via the AST. How could one resist half folk art, half uber soul instrument, meant to be played and placed on wall alike? And more thanks to Jay O'Rourke for sending along another Space Tone MP3 wonder via a client's HARP. The little Space Tone makes a helluva harp amp! ~ kh
AST Head Crazy & the Vintage Cycle Takeover
March is fast approaching and there has been enough warm weather bursts to lure the Swart Shop Inside-Out. If it's not AST Head caffeine induced 3am testing patrol, it's vintage Honda & Matchless dementia. Three times in one week, neighbors have walked into the shop, bleary-eyed, ranting and raving. What's not to love about 8,000RPM revs mixed with a Wall of Sonic Feedback? It's a twisted mix of Steel, aluminum, Tweed, and Exhaust, baby! See all plus my VERY favorite Swart user email photo of the year.... Meanwhile, Jeremy sits on his toilet...
Still reeling from all the people...
signing up for the Swart Newsletter - Great Response, except now I have to come up with a helluva Issue #1! Meanwhile, Michael is cackling to anyone that will listen about his latest projects coming whenever all shakes out. Stay tuned. Perhaps I'll only put this in the NEWSLETTER for a bit more intrigue. Also, for you pedal fans, there's something brewing in full 60s Vibe. Plus, see the Swart News 2-4-08 Round-up, this week's mailbag from Swart Fiends far and wide. And stay tuned for an upcoming swartamps.com contest with appropriate carrot...
Swart starting strong in 2008
It's the 9th....er...12th...ummm, now 18th of January and things are humming at Swart Amplifier Co (I think I've stopped and started this latest NEWS update too many times to count). Michael finally shelved the Patron Coffee Tequila and fired up the soldering iron big time, getting back into swing. Amps are shipping as I type. . We had an insanely busy last few months and are now catching up on orders far and wide. Swart Amps are heading to New Zealand, Norway, CAN, as well as across the USA. But I'm STILL recovering from Son of Hillbilly Ham... Recent LINKED highlights at Swart:

   Dave Hemann samples the Space Tone Reverb
   Jeff Hanna (Nitty Gritty Dirt Band) with ST-6V6se
   Mitch Townsend (Matt Costa) on Carson Daly
   Jeff Engelbert sends his AST Regards
   Too much other stuff to fit! Hillbilly Hell Ham II
Swart News Roundup
HELLO to NAMM! We're reeling in news, from Son of Hillbilly Ham to Carson Daly to Nitty Gritty Dirt Band Update to Swart Musicans to long awaited STR samples. Welcome to new EU dealer, Vintagegitar.no, in Kristiansund, Norway and Guitars Etc in Tucson. / HAPPY 2008 at 1:49am EST! Check out NEW AST cover for '08, Swart Kitty Approved. New AST Head in the works? ToneQuest Report cover story on Michael and Dave Wilson's AST review! / Swart Tube Sets - new STR - gnashing of teeth w/crazed tikes
HILLBILLY HAM & Swart Fixin's!
It's almost over except for this last New Year's Hurrah, perhaps the most overrated holiday in the world, when the clowns come out of the woodwork with empty stare & bad hats. Then again, another excuse to open up the Patron coffee infused tequila cant be that bad. The excitement at Swart has been tenfold but nothing more tangible than our very own Holiday HILLBILLY HAM! We are Proud of our Heritage! Stay tuned for the Swart Amps FAQ from High Ground along with something NEW to plug into in early '08.... Yes, we've been promising this FAQ for weeks, but we're SERIOUS now.

Kenna Takes over World & MTV, Accolades, Freak FAQ, SWART MILK!
This has been a crazy fall. On Thanksgiving Day, my 80 year old Mother spies a Swart Amp on MTV from none other than the band KENNA (I have to up her wages... but why was she watching MTV?). Patrick is really digging his AST. Didn't know MTV still HAD music, actually; perhaps there's HOPE. Patrick sent some cool shots from their current tour. Meanwhile, Musicians are loving their Swart Tone Machines. John Berlinski delivers a very detailed analysis of his new STR while Jonathan Auerbach is blown away by the AST. And Grant Ferstat, down under in AUS wth The Jayco Brothers, can't get enough of his AST tone. Finally wrapping up The Swart FAQ for those tough "Michael, can I put a KT-88 Hookah in my lap while playing the Space Tone" queries. And last but certainly not least, GOT SWART MILK? WE DO. Man, November's been BERSERK. Plus, I finally paid my Time Warner Bill...

May a Swart Be With You...
Ever since Dave Wilson of ToneQuest fame did this riff on the Mel Brooks classic Space Balls riff of the classic Star Wars cliche, we've not heard the end of it. Praise thy Swart is coming from far and wide - Musicians are digging their Swart amps, writing in with MP3s, kudos, photos, and drool. And poor Michael has 3rd degree soldering burn dreams in his sleep; alas, it's better than seven days at Disney World... Now New Dealers in California and New Zealand! Who's next?
ToneQuest Cover Story & Testing Hell
We're pretty ecstatic to find a great cover story dedicated to Michael and Swart Amps in the November ToneQuest Report. Michael reveals all followed by a compelling AST review from David Wilson. Some GREAT lines by ole Dave, too! Meanwhile, Swart can barely keep up with the amps... you know it's insane when I start testing the beasts. We did a marathon six hour NON-STOP testing hell ride which had me drooling and calling for medicine. Ran out of riffs in @ 37 seconds so the rest of it resembled a scary mix of Johnny Thunders with no circulation to the brain and Dee-Dee Ramone playing with a deltoid cramp and snowgoose mittens. Amps shipped out today so don't fret. Meanwhile, check out the TONEQUEST SWART COVER STORY w/AST - kh
The 7 Month Itch News Summary
Space Tone Reverb is hit - Great LA Amp Show 9/18 Swart thanks everyone at Boston Premier Guitar Festival
8/2 Premier Guitar AST Video 7/30 Guitar World falls for SST-30 ~video - Greg V - Seattle- The Trading Musician 7/6 SST-30 in Guitar World/AST in Guitar Player & Greg V EL-34 SST-30 Samples! 8/31 Swart T-Shirts 6/5 Paul Leary's gone AST Mad!  5/18 Dallas Festival 5/15 Jeff Tweedy & Wilco release Sky Blue Sky - Swart in studio 5/12 Mark Karan w/Bob Weir & Ratdog & SST-30 on Late Night w/Conan 5/8 Greg V: SST-30 samples!  5/2 NY Amp Show!  4/16 Kurtz's ST-6V6se Photos 4/11 SST-30 Mail 4/8 Swart ST-Reverb  Dean Wareham loves his AST! 4/1 Spring Fever
Space Tone Reverb & Disney World Breakdown
The Space Tone Reverb is causing a stir both in and out of the shop, as Michael is having a hard time staying ahead of the demand. Everyone is really digging the amp! And it's time for the first Swart vacation in four years, even though some might wonder if taking the tikes to Disney World would suffice. I've seen those rug rats around the shop and grow weak imagining them let loose with Goofy and Pluto. It all takes place from Oct 27 to Nov 3rd. Let's hope he returns...
Swart Amps at LA Amp Show • Oct 6th
We don't get out to the West coast very often but due to the continued interest from musicians on the other coast, thought it time to head towards the Pacific, and what better excuse than the LA Amp Show. It's a one day show that leaves it all on the table, Michael included. Yep, , we're bringing it all for you to sample! Play the entire Swart line, including the SST-30, AST, Space Tone, and the new Space Tone Reverb, in all its 60s retro glory.

Michael & Swart Amps at the Boston Premier Guitar Festival • Sept 15-16th
Michael Swart and his Swart Amplifiers, including the SST-30, Atomic Space Tone, ST-6V6se, and ALL NEW Space Tone Reverb will be live at the Bayside Expo Center, Boston, MA on September 15th-16th in Booth 703. Please stop by to play and chat - All amps will be warmed up, ready for you to plug-in! Look forward to seeing you there.

Guitar World Super 30 Video Online!
Guitar World has evidently really been digging the SST-30 based on their review and reports from the staff. The amp caused a big stir at the studio where they recorded the latest Guitar World video for the Gear Review section, so much so, they went way over the normal time dedicated for video reviews! Rumor is, they've have been fighting over who gets to use the beast for gigs! Check it out!
GregV & AST Video-Live in Nashville
Greg V has been seen out and about Nashville with his AST. Here is a video of a recent show with Luke Dick featuring Luke's song, Howl. While the video is not of the highest quality, Greg, his favorite Nocaster, and the AST let go with some GREAT lead on a rockin', end of set song. Also, be sure to check out the August issue of PREMIER GUITAR for the Greg V interview. Great to see Greg getting deserved Press!
Swart in Guitar World & Guitar Player!
Check out the Super Space Tone 30 rave in Guitar World magazine, out to subscribers and soon to hit the stands. Guitar World's Terry Buddingh, writes: "Plugging a Strat into the Lo input, with the gain switch set to Lo, the master volume set high, and with the amp loaded with 6V6s, the Super Space Tone 30 gushed with some of the richest and warmest clean tones I’ve heard, with tons of headroom, too." For a sneak preview, see the GW article in full. Also out is Guitar Player's take on the Atomic Space Tone. Check the stands for both these mags to see Swart Amps in the Press.
Greg V & SST-30 w/EL-34! NEW MP3s!
Greg V pulls out his guitar collection and lets go yet again with the Super Space Tone 30, this time powered by twin EL-34 in place of the quad 6V6. Once again, Greg V puts on a great show illustrating the SST-30's flexibility and range, all the while exhibiting rich, complex tonal structure.
Swart Amp Prints by John Golden
Check out the cool prints now being offered by Wilmington, NC artist, musician, and good friend, John Golden.  John does some really creative stuff and he's going to be doing a series of Swart Amp prints that will be available for sale, each featuring one of the models, the first of which is the AST.  See more on John's work via Etsy.  View Lunastrella ATOMIC | Order Print ~ Etsy
Paul Leary & his Semi-Legitimate, custom Red|Silver AST Twins...
I'd probably consider Paul Leary one of the most innovative guitarists of this generation although his fame resides more in the underground arena.   Leary, one of Butthole Surfers' founding members along with Gibby Haynes, took his psychedelic, bent stylings -progressions and produced some of the most twisted material on record.  If you ever caught them live, you'll NEVER forget it.  I STILL rank a show I saw with Leary and his brethren as a Top 10 of all time.  Now, it seems ole Paul has gone AST crazy...and he sent some photos to document...
Greg V & Luke Dick w/Kenny Greenberg, Viktor Krauss in Nashville May 31
Hoping everyone in the Nashville vicinity got down to The Basement to see Greg V  with Luke Dick along with a host of A-List players such as Kenny Greenberg (Pedal Steel), Viktor Krauss (Bass), and Dave Harrison (Drums).   Heard it was a great show as you could imagine.  Greg reports a busy June so keep an eye on gregv.us (And stay tuned for Greg's SST-30 EL-34 samples).  Show Photo
Tweedy & Wilco release Sky Blue Sky
Jeff Tweedy has been an Atomic Space Tone proponent since early on, using the AST  on tour and in the studio for the recording of Wilco's new release, Sky Blue Sky, just out on Nonesuch Records.  Actually, it's worth the extra ducats for the CD/DVD version given the excellent footage and sonics (nice shots of the AST and 6V6se, too).  Sky Blue Sky, recorded at Wilco's studio, The Loft, is a soulful, thoughtful, and honest recording, revealing the band in a contemplative light, if less boundary expanding.  See Wilco DVD Trailer


Custom Swart Cabs light up shop
It's red sparkle city as a bevy of custom Swarts hit the floor. Sorry to see these beasts go as they were a serious attention grabber for all who wandered into the studio.  Even Paul Leary, Producer/guitarist of Butthole Surfers fame, opted for a pair of AST's in red and silver sparkle.  And Swart Fiend #1, ChristopherG, opted to add to his Swart Stable (We've lost count on just how many Swarts he has now...heh) with an insane ALL RED SST-30 and cab.  Even the UPS guy was jealous...


Great New York Amp Show!
Michael & Lincoln endured I-95 in a Honda Odyssey loaded with enough Swart Tone and vintage guitars (one Reverend Flatroc for good measure) to lose half their minds in route.  Luckily, even after circling Ho-Ho-kus for an hour, they found their way to the New York Amp Show.  Loved meeting the Swart fans - we heard some hot guitarists!  Thanks to all who stopped by - A few Swart Room 210 Photos

Greg V-Super Space Tone 30 MP3s
Nashville transplant Greg V takes the Super Space Tone 30/cab and blows a hole in the wall before anyone noticed what he'd done.  Indeed, when we opened up the daily mail to find 20 on fire MP3 offerings featuring the Swart SST-30 head and cab, we were taken aback to see a whole other side of Greg; meet Mr. Hyde V...
Swart Amps & Michael Swart
at New York Amp Show  •
May 5th

Now there is a REAL reason to go to Piscataway, New Jersey!  Michael Swart and Swart Amplifiers, including the SST-30 head & cab, Atomic Space Tone, ST-6V6se, and Space Tone Reverb Proto will be live at this year's New York Amp Show - Room 210, 121 Centennial Ave, Piscataway, NJ on Saturday, May 5th, from 10am to 6pm.  Meet Michael, hear the Swart Tone Brigade, and grab a Swart Amps T-ShirtShow Site MAP
Dallas International Guitar Festival Report:  Trace & Cody Take it down!
The Dallas International Guitar Festival was quite a show!  The Swart Booth was rockin' with some amazing guitarists of ALL ages; the area really has some impressive musicians.  Interestingly, one of the highlights of the show was a 13 and 16 yr old who wandered in and proceeded to burn the place up with unbridled, enthusiasm.  They had a crowd of grinning onlookers in short shrift.  In my view, it was perhaps the most "real" moment of the show.  Dallas Festival Report
Space Tone Reverb Proto TX Bound
The OLD: Hey, you guys in love with the ST-6V6se, wait till you see what's coming next. We're talking WAAAY vintage cool. I want one already. The NEW: The All New Space Tone Reverb advanced Prototype is going to the Dallas International Guitar Festival!  The combo is decidedly 60s with cool retro box to match, this stuffed with a 12" Weber. The 6V6-Reverb has an extra gain stage to go with a "liquefy you" Tube Reverb. It's a BIIIIG sounding little beast, too, perfectly placed between the ST-6V6se and Atomic Space Tone.
Swart Amps at Dallas International Guitar Festival  •  April 20, 21,22
Come meet Michael Swart and the Super Space Tone 30, Atomic Space Tone, and ST-6V6se in person at the 30th Anniversary Dallas International Guitar Festival!  In addition to the whole Swart line, we'll be there with T-Shirts, amps, banter, and the kitchen sink!  We hope to see a great turnout and meet some of you Swart Fiends at the booth!  MORE | Show Online  | Hotels-Directions
Dean & Britta at Cat's Cradle w/ AST & Swart - Yeah, it got scary backstage
I couldn't make it, but from all accounts, it was a great show at the Cats Cradle on the 24th of March.  Michael drove up for the event, looking forward to meeting Dean, Britta, and their latest material.  Someone brought a camera. Poor Dean didn't know what hit him...
Flansburgh (TMBG) Flips over AST!
A big thanks to John Flansburgh of They Might Be Giants fame for the note concerning the plight of his poor Fender Deluxe after purchasing his new AST:

The Atomic Space Tone is the amp I've been waiting for for 25 years!! I'm retiring my Deluxe!"
Swart Mailbag Roundup
MAILBAG: Dave Kelly on new SST-30  MAILBAG: Red Formula One 6V6se Onstage.  Goo Goo Doll, Johnny Rzeznik, with scary cab driver frightening grin, reportedly walked out of Make'n Music with new Atomic Space Tone in hand.  Stu at Fat Sound: Lovin' Super Space Tone 30!
.   MAILBAG:  Miller on the AST.   See Angela Ponte's great reaction to Dave and Dr. Bombay. Yep, Dean Wareham MP3s are still on repeat more often than not. (22 Minutes is only 77 seconds long, but after the 236th repeat, you enter a TRANCE).  Latest on repeat? Britta Phillips' Song of You (5.3mb) a horrifying 90 minutes...  My wife threatened to leave me.
Martini Brothers Jump, Jive, & Wail...
Yeah, Wareham, Tweedy, Santiago, Miller, Rzeznik, Flansburgh et al all love their Swart Amps.  But I'm beginning to believe no one can touch ole Rick Fishman's elan.  And when the Martini Brothers launch into Jump, Jive, and Wail, aint no one sittin' on chairs. Love the wingtips, Mr. Rick!
Save Me, Oh  ATOMIC Life Raft!
We always love to hear from those that are Swart Tone Crazy and it's especially cool to get photos along with the mail.  Well, Atomic Space Tone owner, Matthew Weston, went one stop past The Usual, going on a veritable Swart AST Photo Fest, utilizing his own studio for some unique takes on his favorite AST SN#25.  And who doesn't like reading the words, " The finest amplifier I have ever played" unless you're another manufacturer? I have to admit to being a bit frightened at the Huck Finn, Atomic Mississippi life raft depiction... SONIC FLOOD, Indeed.

Dean & Britta & Swart AST Tour 3/8
Dean Wareham & Britta Phillips are hitting the road on their Back Numbers tour with trusty SWART Atomic Space Tone.  We loved Dean in Galaxy 500.  We loved Dean & Britta in Luna.  And it follows that we love Dean & Britta.  Be sure to catch them at these cities/dates.  And if you're a LUNA fan, you have to see the superb documentary, LUNA: Tell Me Do You Miss Me

Joey Santiago•Pixies fame, goes AST
Reports indicate more Swart Amplifier onstage sightings.  The latest? Joey Santiago, co-founder of the PIXIES, this with his latest project, The Martinis (with wife, Linda Mallari). Joey was singing the praises of his Atomic Space Tone and Atomic Boost pedal.  The Martinis just played with fellow Pixies drummer David Lovering at the Echo in LA, along with a Cancer Benefit late January.  Look for more soon and Stay Tuned...
Super Space Tone 30 gets Boned!
....Chicken Boned, that is! All hell broke loose in Wilmington last Thurs when Rick and Southern Culture on the Skids rolled into town for a night of semi-organized debauchery.  Yep, the chicken was there and so was the Super Space Tone 30 Head #2 (#1 was here for a photo shoot, and I suddenly cant find it...Audrey!)  Rick went hog wild over the damn thing and actually PLAYED with it that very night, kicking off the SCOTS tour with a Swart Tone-Fest!  He already is head over heels (as in TAR) with the Atomic.  But even ole Michael was surprised when he pulled the Super 30 out for the show.  "Yeah," he said, "it's that finger lickin' good!"  If I've said it once, I'll say it twice, you gotta love ole Rick.
Greg V writes in. . .
We always love to hear from our compatriot to the West, Greg V.  Face it, the guy can play the guitar with style galore with the chops to back it all up.  He's a favorite around here mainly because we dig his playing so much which makes it all the more rewarding to know that he's crazy over his Swart Amps...
SST-30 & Cab Shipping 2/20!
The amps have been done for 10 days so what's the holdup?  Ok, I'll come clean and admit it's the owner's manual.  We had originally envisioned something akin to an R. Crumb-esque illustrated tome, with a lucid mixture of Wit & Wisdom on everything Super 30... We'll save that for the MASTER BOOK ON SWART.  Now, the first 25 Super Space Tone 30 owners get the lovely Audrey in full B&W splendor, going Tube Rolling MAD, all signed by Dr. Swart (GrayCat Paw Print included). I just want to know, "where can we go from here?"
I Played the SST-30...EL-34 Mama!
Swart has my drum kit in his studio and I decided it was time to get up there to see what was left after last Saturday's AMPLET get-together. Rumors were swirling on this one and I was worried. With a bevy of Super 30s breaking-in and Andy sitting in on the drums with a hard hat on, it was anyone's call. Well, the drums were fine, but my mouth was left ajar. GOOD LORD. Let's just say I didn't even spend five minutes on the skins. I plugged two EL-34s into the center sockets of the Super 30 and Rocketed to Russia. Man, I love this amp! Scary thing? There was something else there. I fought to take it home... and lost. You'll Flip Your Wig...

Super 30 Yank or Brit?
We love it with the four 6V6 outputs as the ultimate vintage soul machine. But we were a bit shocked at the comparison with the TWO EL-34 in the center outputs. This brought a bit more drive with more high end extension & edge. All three prove the Super Space Tone 30 is earning the nickname Super Amp. Actually, the only thing we haven't plugged into it is my cat which almost took it's own life by trying to squeeze into the oval tube window...

Kitty Love Swart
kitty knows tone. kitty aint dumb. kitty wants job.
Ponte off the AST Head Richter!
Yeah, we get over-the-top customer comments, but sometimes you just have to shake your head in disbelief. This was the case after ole Dave Ponte spent some time with his new Limited Edition AST Head. Let's just say, it WENT to his head! We're accustomed to people getting fired up about Swart but ole Dave went to Pluto and BACK with this one - Tell it like it is, Dave! We were starting to wonder if Dave had made a visit to The Dr... UPDATE 2/15 Angela Ponte Responds!
Super 30 Amplifier AGlow - Photo
Orders are rolling in for the all new Swart Super Space Tone 30 head and cabinet. There's already a line so look for it at one of our authorized dealers near you or drop us a mail or call to see the latest on shipping dates. In need of a SST-30 fix? Then take a look at what makes it groove... Note to all you lucky AST Head owners: This new cabinet is AN INSANE MATCH as well!
Swart Super 30 in full Tube Glory
It's the Super 30...and it's a Home Run
When I first played the prototype of this head and cab combo, stuck in its pedestrian mule chassis, I was almost blown away more than my first time on the AST. Man, this thing sounds insanely good, and Michael hasn't even done much tweaking! Looking at it now, I'm speechless. It's beautiful. It's unique. And it kicks ass. It has ALL the tone and soul you expect from a Swart amp. Man, it's STUNNING looking. It's outta the park in my opinion. It's the new SWART SUPER SPACE TONE 30   **Now Taking Orders!**
See the Swart Space Tone Super 30 Head and Cabinet!
Swart Amp MP3s Online!
We have a new sounds page with additional MP3s from the talented Greg V. Greg takes the potent Class A, 5W, ALL TUBE Tweed 6V6se and throws out 16 new samples. Also, see his new demo "Tundra" featuring the Atomic Space Tone.
Swart Amplifiers - Sounds & Video
Dean Wareham and his AST
Well, I knew as soon as Dean Wareham jumped on the Atomic Space Tone bandwagon, I'd be hearing from Dr. Swart. It wasn't long before the "man, guess who I just talked to today?" phone call came ringing through. I let my answer machine handle it, of course. Shouldn't have. I got 20 minutes of Swart Dean Wareham hero worship. Sad thing? I don't blame him. Who cant love ole Dean....
Jeff Tweedy ~ Wilco using Swart AST
Jeff Tweedy of Wilco fame has been using his Swart Atomic Space Tone throughout their summer tour, even getting into the studio with it for some sessions. A few intrepid photographers caught Wilco in action with the Swart AST front and center. Jeff reportedly loves the amp.
Swart Amplifiers - Sounds & Video
Atomic at Electric Guitar Review
OK, we're used to people loving this amp, and Cary Miller at EGR was no exception, "I’m going to tell you this right off the bat: the Atomic Space Tone puts my tweed Fender Blues Deluxe to shame. In fact, I’m not even sure how I’m going to go back to the Fender once I send this puppy back. Not only does it put my Fender to shame, but it does so with less weight, smaller dimensions, and a heck of a lot more style..." The ultimate compliment? Cary bought the amp.
See the Swart Atomic Space Tone at Electric Guitar Review
Atomic Space Tone Video Online
Who doesn't love Montreal? And it's now home to one of our hot new dealers, Boutique Tone, who just released this cool Quick Time 7 demo video of Kenny Smilovitch's technique via a Duesenberg running through a soulful Swart Atomic Space Tone (check him out with the Atomic BOOST Pedal at end).. We dug Kenny and the video enough to throw it up here for some visual with all the sounds. Thanks Jeremy & Kenny for the great vid!
See Kenny Smilovitch on the Swart Atomic Space Tone
Sparkle Swart Atomic goes 60s!
Sometimes we get customers that love our amps to the point of getting a bit crazy to the tune of THREE of a kind! Except ChristopherG took it one notch up and wanted something on stage to mirror his love for 60s sparkle-dom, ala Myers Manx. And we're talking serious Atomic Love...the loon ordered TWO! And he already had a Tweed! See Custom Sparkle AST
See full size Custom Swart Custom Sparkle AST
Katrina, Brother Charles, Mr. Harp,
and the Swart Tweed 6V6se. . .

We love these kinds of stories. And so does Brother Charles, the lucky Harp player who has another lucky friend, Alan Ambler, who took home a Swart Tweed 6V6se glory via a post-Katrina Charity Event. To make a long story short, Brother Charles, the harp playin fool aint givin' back that beast! Lesson #1? Don't lend out your Swart Amp!
Swart Gallery - New Pictures Online!
Ok, the photos sections has been a bit stagnant as of late. Actually, those pictures were almost totally of our first run of the now sold out Swart ST-6V6se with cloth covering. We've come a long way since then. Meaning it's time for a photo update! Look for new photos weekly here showing all that's happening in and around Swart. And iF you have any cool shots of you and a Swart amp, send them in!
New photos at Swart Gallery !
ST 6V6se Magic Mandolin ~Lapsteel
Will Hardy is happy,...Happy that he found the Soul and Tone solution to his quest for perfect sound with his electric Mandolin and Lap Steel. Apparently, this has not been an easy quest, mirroring the trials and tribulations of Monty Python's search for the Holy Grail (without the Man-Eating Rabbit). Based on his letter, the Holy Grail happened to be none other than the Swart Tweed ST-6V6se!
See Will Hardy's letter to Swart Amps

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