Swart MOD84 Videos!

MOD84 Videos ~ Jams
Mike Hermans, Sam Vilo, Chris Bryant, Brett Moore, and Renn Anderson all have a go on Swart's amazing MOD84 with excellent results, in a virtual aural illustration of just how broad a range this EL-84 amp has, defying the usual EL-84 stereotype, excelling at both the jangle and soulful with beguiling cleans mixed with GREAT breakup when pushed. Mike has been a Swart fan since the AST. Now a BIG MOD84 fan, too. Sam, hailing from Helsinki, Finland and a long time player simply stated it's the BEST EL-84 amp he's ever played. Chris REALLY shakes it out nicely for one of our dealers. Brett & Renn get even more intimate results in a late night jam session at the Swart Studio. It was a perfect ending to a Saturday night Swart jam.

Greg V - Atomic Space Tone MP3s
Greg V unleashes 25 MP3s sampling the Swart Atomic Space Tone's amazing capabilities. Quite frankly, we cant think of a better person to showcase the AST; Greg exhibits a deft touch and is so tasteful, it almost sets you aback; succinctly put, this guy has the chops and the AST does them great service. Give this stuff a listen - Man, can he work the 'verb & trem - You'll want to leave it on repeat.
Hear the Swart AST in the hands of consumate guitaris, Greg V - 25  mp3 samples

Dean Wareham with his Swart Atomic Space Tone - Photo by Britta Phillips

Dean Wareham (Luna-Galaxie 500) & AST
Michael Swart has always been a Dean Wareham fan, first with Galaxie 500, then LUNA. The fact that Dean loves his Swart AST left Michael feeling pretty proud. Hear Dean's characteristic understated minimalism in these samples, some of which you might recognize. Be sure to Catch Dean & Britta on tour with the Swart Atomic Space Tone.

Greg V & the ST- Atomic Jr ~ MP3s
One of our favorite players, Greg V, loves the little Space Tone ATOMIC JR as a bookend to his AST, AST PRO, and ST-6V6se. Hear Greg with his favorite Nocaster Tele and Gibson 335. We love putting Greg's stuff on repeat and these are no exception; he takes the ATOMIC JR there and back, leaving nothing left unturned.

Greg V with Space Tone Atomic Jr

Greg V plays the ST-6V6se
Greg V is back again, this time with his Space Tone 6V6se. 16 mp3 selections with close and room mic samples featuring Greg's custom Fender Nocaster, 1963 Gretsch Corvette, '05 Historic '59 Les Paul, and '63 Fender Stringmaster Deluxe 8-string Lap Steel, all run through the little ST-6V6se, Class A, 5w beast.

Peter Parcek ST-6V6se Videos!
One thing is for sure: Peter Parcek can play. This is bone simple, pure playing goodness. Watch Peter take his little Swart ST-6V6se to Blues Roots and back. At a time when most blues has become cliche and parody, it's refreshing to hear someone that does it right. Hail to Peter! And nice to hear a rhythm section that does not muck it up...excellent. THREE COMPLETE VIDEOS WITHIN.

Greg V on the Swart AST with Tundra Demo

Greg V - "Tundra" AST Demo
Greg V pulled out the Swart Atomic Space Tone again for a cool demo mix utilizing the special properties aboard the AST. In his own words, "Here's a winter demo "Tundra" I did using my Swart AST for the electric guitars including the tremolo part using my Fender Nocaster & Supro Lapsteel..." more

Swart STR-Tremolo
with RJ Ronquillo

RJ Ronquillo is a cool cat with some great chops who just happens to be a long time Swart fan.  We love his stuff with his AST and when he expressed interest in the STR-Tremolo, we knew good things were in store. Take a look at RJ on the STR-Tremolo, this in two videos putting the beast around the bend & back for more. 
RJ Ronquillo on the STR-Tremolo

Swart ST-Stereo with Lincoln Morris

ST-Stereo Samples & Video
We simply cant keep this amazing amp in stock long enough to get some official samples going.  It's that much in demand and we are not complaining.  We do have some jam takes and a great session recording from our good friend Lincoln Morris. We really dig the studio MP3 he did with the ST-Stereo for his next album.  And one of our dealers did a nice job showing off some of the ST-STEREO attributes in a shop video.  Nicely done.  Take a listen and look.  Nothing can duplicate the sound of this amp in person, however.


Swart Atomic Space Tone Video
Montreal's one of our favorite cities in the World. IF you haven't been, you gotta go...and now there's one more reason. Montreal's Boutique Tone is one of the coolest music store's we've seen and a Swart dealer. See and Hear Montreal's own Kenny Smilovitch demo the Swart Atomic Space Tone for Boutique Tone. Even Kenny gets carried away with the AST and Atomic Boost Pedal...
See and Hear Kenny Smilovitch demo the Swart Atomic Space Tone for Montreal's Boutique Tone



Derrick Harris

Swart   AST  JAZZ ~ Derrick Harris
Take a listen to the AST in the talented hands of UK's Derrick Harris from his last and upcoming albums.  Derrick has great feel and touch, not to mention outstanding tone.



Paul Leary's AST: BIG, BOLD, in your FACE
Polar opposite of Rafiq, yes, but you have to love ole Paul Leary.  Paul marches to his own beat, both literally and figuratively.  Partnered with Gibby Haynes and the infamous Butthole Surfers, now on tour again, scaring both two and four legged creatures alike, he makes a habit of turning his guitar inside out, leaving listeners outside in.  Paul loves his pair of red and silver sparkle ASTs like his children.  Maybe they ARE his children.  Regardless, Paul tossed some great, in your face, rock-a-blown surf space riffs on his Jazz Master and Tele. Short and sweet nuggets....We dig it, Paul   - kh
Paul Leary, big and bold on the AST



Read and Hear Speck Mountain

Speck Mountain ~ SST/AST PRO MP3s
Another great find, Speck Mountain continues to impress.  These guys are out of Chicago by way of Brooklyn.  Self-proclaimed purveyors of SPACE ROCK, their albums and live performances are loaded with Swart tube vibe as they use the AST PROs and SST extensively. Hear two of their cuts plus a great live broadcast done on 10-20-09.  Be sure to check them out if playing near you.  They are heading overseas on a EU tour as well. 



Greg V - Super Space Tone 30 MP3s!
If we've said it once, we've said it a hundred times; Greg V is exceptional on almost ANY stringed instrument (ok, we've yet to hear him on cello).  Yet, when we opened up the daily email to find a new MP3 offering featuring the Swart SST-30 head and cab, we were surprised to see a whole other side of Greg; welcome Mr. Hyde V... Greg V: SST-30 w/ EL-34s MP3s!
Greg V rips the SST-30!



Michael Swart enters suitcase amp - Click to hear Jason Barker and Co mp3s with the Swart AST

Swart ~ Steelbender.com ~ AST Samples
In mid '05, Jason Barker of steelbender.com came down to the NC coast to hang out with Michael at Swart Amps and see what all the fuss was about. Jason writes, "The Atomic Space Tone amp not only moved me in a positive manner, it moved me to immediately reach into my wallet and buy it! I was so enamored with the characteristics of its design and sound, that I felt compelled to purchase the very unit used in this profile." Take a trip to steelbender.com - Jason & Co throw down a few samples.     sounds | article



Greg V:  SST-30 w/EL-34 Video
Our ole friend Greg V is back with the SST-30, this time doing an excellent video from his own studio featuring the SST-30 and 2x12 cabinet along with the Hamer Talladega, PaulC Timmy overdrive, Electro Harmonix Memory Man delay, and Arion Sch-Z chorus. As you'll see, Greg is using fingers only and it sounds great.  Of course, everything Greg does has quality.  Check it out.
Greg V rips the SST-30!



STR-Tweed ~ Matthew Sweet  MP3 Samples

STR-Tweed MP3s by Matthew Sweet
Matthew Sweet, getting ready to head out on a nationwide tour to promote his new album, Sunshine Lies, was busy as you would imagine, but still had time to shoot over a few samples of his STR-Tweed, using some riffs you will definitely recognize, more than a few from the vinyl of old. Matthew's gone Swart crazy, now with every amp, from the little ST-6V6se to the big daddy SST-30. He ended up using the AST PRO and SST throughout the tour with great results. Here, Matthew gets down and dirty with the STR-Tweed...




AST Head II & 1x12 Cab ~ Lucian Rowland
Lucian has been a fixture at the Swart studio/jam hovel every Wednesday night, this with Stephen Sellers and the gang, working on a new release this winter. Lately, he's been falling in love with the tone of the new AST Head II and cab. Take a listen as Lucian stayed after late one eve, just to lay down a few impromptu samples via the shop's AST Head II. At one point, all the lights went out but we had the Swart Tube Glow to light the way...
Space Tone Reverb MP3 Samples




AST Pro Samples by Greg V

AST PRO MP3s ~ Greg V Returns
Here was have Greg V back again, this time on his AST PRO which he had a nice hand in implementing some of the design tweaks to favor the working musician. Greg's taste and skill are evident as always as he takes the AST PRO through its paces, exhibiting cleans and overdrive and everything in between. Sample 18 mp3s by Greg and see what the PRo is all about.




Space Tone Reverb MP3s ~ Dave Hemann
We met Dave Hemann, an active guitarist/composer living in Los Angeles, California, during the '07 LA Amp Show sojourn and were so impressed, we left an STR, hoping he'd become smitten and throw a few samples this way. Yep, Dave's now another Swart Amps convert, saying, "So much tone and unbelievable reverb...and lots of sweet, sweet volume. It gets thicker and creamier as it’s pushed. Combined with great, complex reverb, there are so many tonal possibilities. I love this amp!" You'll love Dave's MP3s, too.

Space Tone Reverb MP3 Samples


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