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Lincoln Morris, long time friend of Swart and multiple Swart Amps user, occasionally drops by for Saturday jam sessions. This time, Lincoln HAD to because we wanted our damn ST-Stereo back. He had obsconded with it to Sound of Music in Richmond, VA for a recording session.  When he dropped it off, we jammed a bit and got a few extra licks in, two of which are below.  The cab was mic'd with one SM57 on each speaker.  Suffice to say, Lincoln wanted to take her home but he'll have to get in line.    - kh ~ swartamps.com

Polvo's Scattered Ashes MP3 ~ 1:28

Lincoln Morris w/ST-Stereo & 1964 Fender Jazzmaster. A small nod to Chapel Hill's Polvo, this little bit featuring more Tremolo with a bit of reverb in mix.

Blues Redux in Stereo MP3 ~ 2:47

Lincoln Morris w/ST-Stereo & 1966 Fender Telecaster. This cut featured the ST-Stereo's big reverb w/ hint of trem.

Stay or Leave Swing Vote MP3 ~ 6:05

This is from Lincoln Morris' recording session at Sound of Music in Richmond. He used the ST-Stereo head with the 64' Fender Jazzmaster live w/ drummer Miguel A Rodriguez-Urbiztondo.  They employed two speakers with a gobo in-between. Lincoln also ran a clean signal direct to the console which was reamped back into the Swart Stereo with a different tone, reverb and trem setting. According to Lincoln, this effect was very full & psychedelic. Alan Weatherhead was the engineer, also adding his own tracks via the Stereo for the LP. Morris added, "Very very cool amp that adds amazing depth to recording. Can't wait to use it live!"

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