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See Swart CLOTHING and SWAG!

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Atomic Boost

Treble Booster • hand built by Swart Amps• NOS Mullard CV7003 "glass" Transistor ~ The Mil-Sec OC44 • hand-selected & gain tested • All Point to Point Wiring • Toggle Mid or full boost • optional high boost with the sacrifice of mid or full boost • Full bypass switching • Blue Power LED • semi clean boost to over the top creamy tube distortion

.............................................$214plus shipping


**Note: Hand Made ~ Wait STATUS: In Stock

Order - 100% SECURE  
Swart Atomic Boost Pedal

The Swart FuzzyBoost is a hand-wired, point-to-point sonic blast to the past with some extra credit, Swart Magic thrown into the mix. This is no mass market, overseas circuit board, costs us nothing~you something, cloner pop.

Fuzzy boost allows you to slide anywhere from slight boost to over the top fuzz at any volume level.

  • Pre Volume Volume before it hits the circuit allows you to clean up or drive more intense Fuzz. This is a GREAT feature that you'll soon come to love.
  • Dirt Your main GAIN level for Fuzzoid Blast
  • Post Volume So you can get the distortion at any volume level from whisper to Blow Neighbor's Septic Brain.

And just as in the Atomic Boost, Swart FuzzyBoost features hand-picked Germanium Transistors

Price.......................................................$243plus shipping


**Note: Hand Made ~ Wait STATUS: In Stock

Order - 100% SECURE  





See more on the Night Light Attenuator
Three Position Attenuator - excellent tone • defeatable light bulb filament compression stage with bulb that lights blue when activated • Bypass the whole nine yards for direct • Run TWO SWARTS from output of first • Hand wired in the Swart Shop • compact size • Blue night light glow • unlike any attenuator on the market • Designed to bring the sonics and breakup back to low level spouse pleasing levels • designed for the AST, AST PRO, STR-Tweed, STR, ST-6V6se • Will work with any amp 20w down (30w with bulb compression bypassed) See MORE NIGHT LIGHT


Night Light Attenuator.........$243plus shipping
Order - 100% SECURE  

Night Light w/Swart Speaker Cables

2 3ft 16g Cables w/Neutrik Jacks • MALE ENDS - Info
Price ...........................................$279plus shipping


Order - 100% SECURE  

Night Light
w/Swart Speaker Cables (F)
2 3ft 16g Cables w/Neutrik Jacks1 FEMALE END - Info
Price ...........................................$282plus shipping


Order - 100% SECURE  


Night Light Jr Mini Attenuator

Smaller is better sometimes.  In this case, the all hand-wired Night Light Jr attenuator packs a punch in a tiny package. We wanted something to hide in the port of the ST-6V6se, Atomic Jr, STR-Tweed, STR-Tremolo, and MOD84.   An attenuator that's more simple and bare bones, something designed for the low watt sect that brings that GREAT breakup without frequency loss, and something you can MOUNT within and not fuss with, with minimal worry. It's here with the Night Light Jr.

This little diminutive BLUE beast sounds sublime but with less features than our original Night Light and really designed for mounting vs stand alone.  Max of 15w for amplfiier with 4-8ohm output transformer.  We're really loving the way it brings that Swart Low Watt breakup at more manageable levels within the smaller combos. Has a linear pot and bypass switch. Blue LED within lights when signal flows.

The Night Light Jr is fine for ANY amplifer that is 15w or less with 4-8ohm Output Transformer.

Hand-Wired   •   Mounting screws~easy install in cab
Designed for Amps 15w or Less   •   Perfect Low watt Solution
Full Bypass Switch 
  •    Linear Pot w/wide attenuation range
4-8ohms Trans


Night Light Jr.(no Cable)

100% SECURE  

Night Light Jr. & 1.5ft Speaker Cable
Includes 1.5ft speaker cable to be inserted
From speaker out to NL Jr. "From Amp" jack

100% SECURE  



Night Light Jr in NEW BLUE FINISH


Yes, finally a new custom Swart Designed LED Footswitch made for all our amps ever made with Swart Tube Reverb (SPACE BABY) and Tremolo, past or present, current or out of production! No more guessing whether it's off or on as now it's a simple glance down at the Blue LED to let you know status.

  • Designed & Built at Swart Shop

  • LED off/on Status for Reverb/Tremolo

  • Tremolo Speed Display via LED!

  • Powered or 9v Battery Option

  • Stereo Jack for any length
    stereo(TRS) ¼ cable ~ Or
    include our Swart 15ft
    RapcoHorizon TRS Option

  • Made in Wilmington, NC

And for those Tremolo lovers, you'll now have speed indication with the Trem LED, bouncing to the pulse of your favorite tube tremolo. This will be a much anticipated upgrade and we have to say, after using this beast for the last month, it actually improves on the whole experience, making you feel more connected with your Swart Tone Machine.

Order below while still in stock with or without our TRS 15ft cable.

Swart LED FS w/15ft TRS cable.........$129usd
100% SECURE 

Swart LED Footswitch
100% SECURE  






Our standard cable set of two cables features 16awg bare annealed stranded copper in a twisted pair, each individually jacketed with an overall round jacket for durability. This is a flexible commercial grade speaker cable that will stand the test of time. We terminate with Neutrik® 1/4" Jacks.  Order will include two 3ft speaker cables to run to speaker and amp as seen at right. This is for the separate order apart from the Night Light.  NEWNow with one male/female end option to bypass the need for a female/female adapter. This is recommended to extend stock speaker cable on amps with maie plug. If you have latest PRO PANEL with two jacks, ORDER ALL MALE ends..

Choose option above if ordering WITH your Night Light to get free shipping.

  • Conductors: (2) Bare annealed copper
  • Stranding: 26/30 awg (16 gauge)
  • Jacket: Matte PVC
  • O.D.: 0.295”
  •  All Orders IncludeTwo 3ft Speaker Cables

All Male Ends Price..............................$36usd plus Shipping
Order - 100% SECURE  

Male/Female End Price
$39usd plus Shipping
ONE of the TWO cables w/FEMALE end
bypass need for female/female Adapter
Order - 100% SECURE  



2x 3ft Cables with ALL Male 1/4" Ends

2x 3ft Cables with ONE FEMALE END to bypass Adapter




Kimber 4VS Speaker Cables
Our ultimate cable for transparency, low level detail, and top end clarity.   I've been using various Kimber options in my audio systems for years, actually since the late 80s.  Ray Kimber made nice stuff and his 8TC/4TC speaker cable was excellent. 

The 4VS utilizes four conductors of Ultra-Pure Copper for the + lead and four on the – lead, a total of eight conductors combining to make a 13 gauge cable. The VS Series use gray and black conductors in a polyethylene jacket.

Common to most all Kimber cables is the company’s proprietary VariStrand™ braiding technique and Ultra-Pure copper.

  • Conductors: (8) Ultra Pure copper
  • Stranding:   4 positive~4 Negative for 13 gauge
  • Braided Outer Jacket
  • (Cp) parallel capacitance: 340.0 pF @ 20 kH
  • (Ls) series inductance: 0.596 H @ 20 kHz
  • (Rdc) dc loop resistance: 0.041
  • (Xt) total reactance: 0.075 @ 20 kHz
  • Frequency response  0.5 dB dc - 250 kH
  • Neutrik® 1/4" Jacks (All MALE ENDS)
  •  Two 3ft Speaker Cables


OUT OF STOCK .....................................$usdplus Shipping

Order - 100% SECURE  


See Kimber 4VS Option
Ultimate Clarity and openness
2 x 3ft Cables

AST Pro NL Panel
Larger Port ~ Switchable External Output
Now with Night Light Hookup!!

NOTE: LONG delays on PRO PANELS due to Pandemic/Putin. If not comfortable with potential months wait, hold off on ordering.  In addition, please send your panel measurements due to slight variation within amp runs over years ~ kh

I love the stock AST but this REALLY lets the beast come out of the cave, so to speak, opening her up, allowing the amp to breathe with more airy and open sound. And this is before the positives of the additional switchable external output, allowing you to drive a cabinet (8 ohm preferable) with ease. This is literally a "cant miss" upgrade and as simple as plug and play.  NEW Now is made to accept the in and out of the Night Light Attenuator; plug in with no hassles!

  • AST Port enlarged over double the size
  • Opens the beast up! Less constricted Sonics
  • Easy access "switch on the fly" External Out
  • New Can Run Night Light Attenuator!
  • Panel perfectly matches the stock AST
  • Four Screws ~ Harness ~ Plug and play easy install

Get the panel with just the enlarged port or go for the full high hog PRO Panel with the large port, External out, switchable on the fly while playing, and Night Light hookup.


AST PRO-NL PANEL(w/Output & Night Light Hookup).......$120
Order - 100% SECURE  

AST Enlarged Port (without switching/out)..............................$80
Order - 100% SECURE  

Pro-NL panel now includes Night Light Hookup!

See Audrey and new AST PRO PANEL
Audrey getting ready for Panel Switch
Click for full size

See Audrey Install the new AST PRO PANEL

Padded Covers

You love your Swart.  IT's like your long lost child or better; you can turn it off! But you DONT want any little paws, claws, scratches, or clumsy drummers after two 40 ouncers stumbling over the favorite son! That's why you buy this super duper, padded Daddy of protection. All covers come with pocket and strap unless noted.. All are custom made to Swart spec by UnderCoverNYC for Swart Amplifier Co. Now in Brown & Black.SWART KITTY REVENGE!

: Photo at right does
not show new additional pocket
Brown/Black instead of RED.

Swart Kitty vs AST Cover!
Drama Unfolds to horror of innocent.

Click on the button below to open an email to DAVE at UnderCoverNYC. Let him know your exact amp and he'll hook you up with latest pricing & details. 2022 pricing is $70-140usd depending on amp and cab dimensions.

EMAIL UndercoverNYC Direct






Now for AMPS & Night Light

Is there anything more comforting as seeing that cool blue Jewel Lamp emitting ye olde warm glow, letting you know your Swart beast is ready to roar to life? And there is nothing as sigh producing as when the little blue light is dark. Ok, the tube glow is a lot more meaningful but everyone loves that jewel lamp. So when it finally gives up the ghost, it's as easy as heading down to your local Rat Shack for a 2 pack or ordering online at GRAINGER (perhaps a better bulb than RS).. Grainger GE Type 47 replacement. Bulb Town's Type 47 is also an option.  We now carry a 10pk replacement as well.  We recommend a few bulbs backup or our 10 pack, so your Swart will glow till someone comes along better than Hendrix.


$10 (10 Bulbs in pack)

#47 lamp • 6.3V, 150mA • T 3-1/4 bulb • 10mm bayonet base

#47 6.3V 150mA Bayonet bulbs are found other places as well.

Order - 100% SECURE  




The How TO of Jewel Lamp Rolling
Click above for how-to on replacing bulb within Jewel Lamp

Replace that worn or lost Footswitch

Where is that footswitch? Damn, drummer lost it again. Ok, maybe it wasn't the drummer. But if you've missplaced that swine switch or are having issues after dropkicking it off the stage, here's the answer below. 2-button model controls reverb and tremolo for AST, AST Pro, and AST/SST Heads. 1-button switch is used for the STR/STR-Tweed and has captive cable.

Revised 2 button FOOTSWITCH DESIGN
Switch now comes with plug-in 1/4 jack cable
capability for increased longevity. 


Two-Button Footswitch ~ 1/4 Jack............................$45

Order - 100% SECURE  

One-Button Footswitch w/cable...............................$21
Order - 100% SECURE  

2-Button Footswitch

1-Button Footswitch

Reverb Tank
Replacement Swart Reverb Tank

Having reverb issues?  Have you switched the RCAs on the chassis, first? Sometimes they get switched by accident, dropping the reverb to nil.  Test first.   Is your 12DW7 in good shape?  A weakening 12DW7 can cause issues.  Lastly, you can open up the tank and examine the tiny wires at the end to make sure they are intact.  These can sometimes get separated with  rough handling during shipping or transport.  If you need a tank, this is our stock unit.  Just specify amp in comments area.  This is a drop-in replacement (RCA wires not included).  Of note, we now stock a slightly different reverb tank then the earlier silver unit.  This new piece is compatible with all Swart Amps, past or present. Want to know more? Please visit the new ALL THINGS SWART REVERB Tech page.


Replacement Reverb Tank(USA).............................$30

Order - 100% SECURE  

Reverb Tank Bag
Replacement Bag & more....

A lot of our combos and heads went out with the reverb tank housed in this leatherette vinyl bag. Many also had the tank screwed directly into the cabinet. Which is better? Well, it's up for conjecture but I've always been partial to the bag approach if doable mainly because I think it's slightly sweeter and less strident or forward..., perhaps a touch less ringing. Michael is less convinced. Regardless, if you want to try this and don't have a bag, you can order one with the mounting hardware. Simply place tank so it's floating in bag and screw ends into cab. the IC just run out the corner. Let us know what you think. ~ kh


Replacement Reverb Tank Bag..............................$20

Order - 100% SECURE  



Swart Reberb Tank Bag

Swart Rubber Feet
Replacement Feet for All Swart Amps

On many of the earlier Swart options, we used different types of feet.  For instance, many of the earlier ST-6V6se came with the METAL feet and the AST came with both metal and various rubber options.  Now you can replace any damaged feet, or simply upgrade to the current option used, this with the two types in play at right.  We now use the Small Rubber Feet (top right) as stock on the ST-6V6se, STR-Tweed, and AST.  The Large feet are currently on the AST Pro, heads, and speaker cabinets.


SMALL Rubber Feet (4)..........................$10
1 1/2'' Wide x 3/8'' Tall; inside diameter 3/16"
As currently on ST-6V6se, STR-Tweed, & AST

Order - 100% SECURE  

LARGE Rubber Feet (4)..........................$11
1 1/2" Wide x 3/4" Tall; inside diameter 3/16"
As currently on AST Pro, All Heads, & Speaker Cabs

Order - 100% SECURE  



Small Rubber Feet (4)

Large Rubber Feet (4)




Swart Handles
Replacement Handles for Swart Amps

While Swart handles usually last the life of the amps, if you have damaged yours or it's gotten tweaked or torn, it's a very simple replacement.  These are the exact duplicates of the handles we sell on the amps, basically a choice between three types.  Pricing ranges from $10 for the priginal plastic 60s style handle you see on the STR and STR-Tremolo in Tux to $16 for the combo and head handles. The nandle at top right is used on the ST-6V6se, Atomic Jr, STR, STR-Tweed, STR-Tremolo, AST, and AST PRO.  The handle in the middle is used on all the HEADS.


Replacement Handle Order Page




Swart Amps Handle Order page

Swart Amp Replacement Tubes

Due to all our tube stock needing to head direct to new amp builds, we're passing the backup and replacement tube purchase to our friends up North, The Tube Store or Tube Depot, your choice.  Please proceed to the order page from the screenshot at right or the link below.  We strongly encourage getting a backup set of tubes right off the bat, this to aid in testing and if a tube issue does arise.  Although we love NOS tubes, tubes listed are recommended due to current production and availability. See tube needs for each amp below.

NOTE: The current production **TUNG-SOL 6V6GT and Post 2014 Electro Harmonix 6V6** has a propensity to red-plate when pushed hard.  If you do opt for the T-S 6V6, make sure the IP number is 30 or less.

We recommemd going with JJ or TAD.

Click to see sampling of Swart Tube Options

click above to move to tube order page linked to tubestore.com


Space Tone 6V6ss Tubes

5w Class A, Single-Ended combo utilizing Zero to switchable -5dB feedback Cathode “auto” bias circuit. Minimal circuitry, minimal controls, Maximum Tone.

JJ 12AX7s (1)
EH/JJ/TAD/NOS 6V6 or 6L6 Family
JJ GZ-34 or NOS 5Y3 (1)



Space Tone Atomic Jr Tubes

5w Class A, Single-Ended combo utilizing Zero Feedback. Employs the 12DW7 for full tube reverb. Cathode “auto” bias circuit. Minimal circuitry, minimal controls, Maximum Tone, and amazing reverb in a 14lb package.

JJ 12AX7 (1)
JJ 12DW7 (1)
JJ/TAD/NOS 6V6 or 6L6 Family
JJ GZ-34 or NOS 5Y3 (1)


Space Tone Atom

Space Tone Reverb Tubes

All Tube Class A,  5w single-Ended combo w/Zero feedback Cathode “auto” bias circuit featuring tube reverb.

JJ 12AX7 (2)
JJ 12DW7 (1)
JJ/TAD/NOS 6V6 or 6L6 Family
JJ GZ-34 or NOS 5Y3 (1)

Click to see more on the Swart Space Tone Reverb

STR-Tweed Tubes

All Tube Class A,  5w single-Ended combo w/Zero feedback Cathode “auto” bias circuit featuring tube reverb. Hi-Lo gain switch. Can use 6L6 Family

JJ 12AX7 (2)
JJ 12DW7 (1)
JJ/TAD/NOS 6V6 or 6L6 Family
JJ GZ-34 or NOS 5Y3 (1)



18-20w of twin 6V6 power in high Class A biased AB  Tube Reverb/Tremolo. Employs two 12AX7, one 12DW7, two 6V6 power tubes, and the GZ-34 for rectification. Tone-wise, one of the best amplifiers in production. Can sub various tubes in V1 for more or less gain. GZ-34 brings most headroom. NOS 5Y3 brings more sag, compression, sweetness, and less voltage on tubes with less headroom.

JJ 12AX7 (2)
JJ 12DW7 (1)
Matched TAD/JJ NOS 6V6 or 6L6 Family
JJ GZ-34 or NOS 5Y3 (1)

The Atomic Space Tone in  detail

AST Head MkII/Master Tubes

Head version of our 20w, twin 6V6 power, high Class A biased AB,  Tube Reverb/Tremolo. Employs three 12AX7, one 12DW7, two 6V6, 6L6 family and GZ-34 for rectification. One of the best 20w heads under the sun.

JJ 12AX7 (3)
JJ 12DW7 (1)
Matched TAD/JJ NOS 6V6 or 6L6 Family
JJ GZ-34 or TAD GZ-34 Select /NOS 5Y3 (1)


AST Head Mk I Tubes

Head version of our 20w, twin 6V6 power, high Class A biased AB,  Tube Reverb/Tremolo. Employs two 12AX7, one 12DW7, two 6V6 power tubes, and GZ-34 for rectification. One of the best 20w heads under the sun. Can be used with 6L6.

JJ 12AX7 (2)
JJ 12DW7 (1)
Matched TAD/JJ NOS 6V6 or 6L6 Family
JJ GZ-34 or TAD GZ-34 Select /NOS 5Y3(1)

See full view of Swart Atomic Space Tone Head - 20w of glorious ALL TUBE POWER!

SST- 30 Tubes

30w hand-wired Head Powered by Four 6V6GT (2 EL-34 sub) three 12AX7, one 12DW7, and a GZ-34 Rectifier. Tube Reverb Tube Tremolo, Cathode “Auto” Biased. Runs four 6V6/6L6 or two EL-34 in the center sockets. Huge, organically rich TONE.

JJ 12AX7 (3)
JJ 12DW7 (1)
Matched Pairs JJ 6V6/6L6
Matched pair EL-34
JJ GZ-34 (1)


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