Swart Amps Spring Mail Bag
A few letters from the Swart Family at Large


STR-Tremolo Praise Partnered w/ Gretch/Guild

You guys nailed that kind of tone I was looking for years! That lil' STR Tremolo is a loud and paramount sounding amp and simply the best I've ever played and I know some! Whether I plug in my Gretsch 6120 Hot Rod or my Guild Manhattan - my SWART gives me everything between beautiful cleans like Wicked Game or nasty Setzer-like gritty Rockabilly.

Warm thanks from Germany,

Stefan Freiling



Atomic Jr. Head & 1x12 w/Alnico Cream

Digging it is an understatement. Please indulge me a little praise...

I'm sure you've heard it before from people whose opinions matter more than mine but I have never seen any other maker match the quality, tone, and inspiration that define your amps, at any price point. I wrote a new song about 2 hours after I plugged in and I'm far from prolific.

I've owned maybe 35 or 40 amps looking for yours. Yeah, maybe I'm picky but, just like when my AST arrived, this one was perfect. I do really like the big extension cab too - it's really 3D and lush and fills the room in the best possible way. Love the speaker, too - thanks for the Alnico Cream recommendation. And now that I have the cabinet, an AST head seems inevitable as soon as I move a couple of now obsolete items.

Thanks very very much.

Jeff Toll

Fort Lauderdale, FL

Love the AlnicoSTR-Tweed Fun

I have to say since I bought the STR-Tweed SN 638 last year, I swapped in the Celestion Blue I had. The amp just kills with this speaker! The Mojotone sounds great, but the Blue... I don't know how to put other than it is just a glorious sound! Much more open and detailed to me. Going on a year with this amp and it amazes me every day I play thru it!


John Parker



Someone Else is Smitten with the ST-6V6se

Hi, everyone at Swart.

This is not an inquiry…..It's a THANK YOU!

I just got a few days ago your 5 watt Space Tone 6V6se! I was stunned by the depth and quality of the tone! I expected it to be an excellent amp, but this has exceeded my expectations by a factor of 100%!

I can’t believe all that beautiful sound comes out of that 8” speaker!
This is a magic box of sonic joy. You guys ACED it!!!!!! Thank you to everyone who had a hand in designing and building this treasure!

I absolutely love playing with this amp!!!!!

Peace and thanks again.

Lou Quetel
Geneva, IL



AST Pro Fan for Life

So I sold my Bogner Shiva 212 because it was too heavy to lug around. I then I began doing a lot of searching for a smaller amp which would still make my CS Masterbuilt Strats sing .

The Swart AST Pro is that amp. What an amazing tone monster. Simple in features yet complex in what it can deliver. Using the guitars volume and tone controls, this amp responds to every nuance. It's super sensitive and percussive . This would easily cover most music genres but add pedals and it would cover them all.

Build quality is premium. Small and light enough to lug yet powerful enough to play on small to medium stages. Super quiet so ideal for studios and home practicing and recording.

I've been playing for 48 years and have owned some very high end amps. This is up there with the best of the those. My Strats have never sounded sweeter. Thanks Mike and to those at Swart for being so dedicated to great amp building

Chuck Peckham
NB, Canada




MOD84 doing it nicely

Hello, my name is Patrick. I just wanted to say thank you for designing and building the Mod 84. I bought one from a place called Guitar Riot last week, got it on Wednesday and I'm ecstatic!

It solves nearly every problem I've had with nearly every other amp I've ever bought. It's light enough (the pine cab is a beautiful thing, my amp looks just like the one on the front of your website with the ostrich and white aesthetics by the way) that I don't think I'll ever mind taking it anywhere. It's just loud enough that I can engage in some volume therapy when needed, but not loud enough that it will bother my autistic son. It's got just a dash of that vintage sag and chewiness that I enjoy, but it never flubs out (EVERY other el84 amp I've run into flubs out at some point for whatever reason)..... I love it

Oh also, I've never met an amp that enjoys being turned all the way up like this one does! Serious, serious kudos for that.

Again, thank you, I plan on enjoying this amp for a very long time.

Patrick Byington





STR-Tweed kudos from Texas

Hello Swart Amplifier Company! My name is Kelly Baker and I am writing to you from my home studio in Denton, TX.

I recently purchased a beautiful Swart STR Tweed from Chicago Music Exchange.
It has a built in Nighlight Jr., super lush reverb, and absolutely no issues.

I cannot begin to express all of the things I love so much about this amp! It has such a beautiful warm voice and soul!

There are so many places it can go! Sheer clean tonal bliss - amazing warm blues territory - incredible early break up - with a fuzz pedal I've even gotten it into some really high gain territory as well.

I knew I was getting a great amplifier, but I had no idea it would be my favorite of all time. I think I own 11 different builds, this one is the only one I've played since I got it. It sounds incredible with any guitar I've plugged into it.

I know I wasn't on a pre-order build list or anything, but I feel like it was personally made for me alone. I want to let you know how much I appreciate what you are doing in beautiful North Carolina! Thank you so much!

I look forward to doing more business with Swart in the future... I'm already eyeing the Creamback 212 extension cab.

With gratitude and respect,

Kelly Baker
Denton, TX




Love for AST overseas... 

Hello, just made a great deal with a friend. He loved my Tone King Sky King, a fastastic amp by the way. But heavy and loud. Playing since days on his Swart AST and he can have the SkyKing.

I'm completely in love with the Swart. It goes so well with my Strat, 52 Tele and even with my old Les Paul jr. my band mates from the John Cornwill Band totally agree.

Thank you for this amazing musical instrument.

Johannes van Aart




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