Featured Guitarist MP3s - Greg V
Super Space Tone 30 with EL-34s

Back by popular demand, it's Greg V; indeed, we've never had so many requests for a guitarist's samples. And once again, GREG V pulls out his always compelling riffs and great guitar collection for a round of 10 MP3s via the Super Space Tone 30, this tme powered by twin EL-34s in the two center power tube sockets (the SST-30 can use four 6V6s or two EL-34). With the EL-34s, the SST-30 takes on a more British tone without losing the richness of the midrange. The ability to swing from a quad of 6V6s to twin EL-34 offers great flexibility with the Super Space Tone 30

- kh~Swartamps Online          Also see: Greg V's SST-30 w/4 X 6V6 MP3s

Greg used a Shure SM57 into an Akai DPS24 recorder with a mixture of close & room mic placement. Greg writes, "I used my Nocaster Tele, Gibson Historic SG, Hamer Talladega, TEO Mando-guitar, and Fender Bajo-Sexto Baritone. The only effects are from the amps Tremolo and Reverb."

 Gibson SG-High Gain   :42
 Nocaster Tele Grind     :54
 Gibson SG-Grind         :33
 Mando-Trem-Grind     :54
Gibson SG - Low Gain   :24
 Monster Baritone-Grind  1:02
Hamer -Clean-Parallel 2    :57
Hamer Clean Trem Neck  1:06
Hamer Clean Parallel 1      :32
 Gibson SG - Clean           1 :03

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