CLASS A 5W - TUBE REVERB - 12" Speaker - 6V6/6L6/EL-34 Compatible
Dave Hemann brings you the latest
MP3s featuring the Space Tone Reverb

Well, now's your chance to hear what we've been talking about courtesy of another Swart convert, Dave Hemann, an active guitarist/composer living in Los Angeles, California. He has played on numerous film and television soundtracks in addition to recording and touring with bands and artists from the Los Angeles area. Dave was kind enough to entertain us while out at the LA Amp Show. While downing an extremely addictive Northern California Micro-Brew, Dave started noodling around on the STR and our heads rotated on their neckposts - We were more than impressed!

Well, ole Dave just sent a few samples last week and we couldn't wait to get them up to quell the "Man, whar's the ST-Reverb samples?" We love Dave's style here (I thought #1 was channeling early Polvo, but Dave only shook his head). Dave used his two Gibsons and 52 Tele Re-issue to great effect. As always, no effects or pedals were employed; you're only hearing the ST-Reverb via an SM-57.

I liked them all but seemed to linger on #1 & #7 as appropriate bookends to a great little session ~ kh


57 Les Paul Goldtop Reissue
83 Gibson 335
52 Reissue Fender Telecaster

Mic: Shure SM57
Pre-amp: Universal Solo/610
Recorded on: Pro-Tools Digi-003
STR Clip #7 - Dave Hemann STR Clip #6 - Dave Hemann STR Clip #5 - Dave Hemann STR Clip #4 - Dave Hemann STR Clip #3 - Dave Hemann STR Clip #1 - Dave Hemann STR Clip #2 - Dave Hemann

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