Swart News Round-Up  ~  3-10-08

Daddy Mojo Videos w/Swart ASTDaddy Mojo Cigar Box Wonders

Why am I sometimes the last to hear of these things? I'd heard mention of the infamous Cigar Box guitar but had neither seen one nor heard any recordings, at least while I was conscious. So when Mr. Lenny of Daddy Mojo sent us a thank-you for making the Atomic Space Tone give credance to his Daddy Mojo Cigar Box creations, I was simply amazed at these pieces that double as folk art and insanely soulful instruments, cutting through the glitz and glitter of the typical off the shelf axe-O-cutout. Man, these beasts are bare bones, gutter-rifferic GOOD! They exude soul and make the perfect match for the Swart Valve TONE ooze. Man, I'm SMITTEN! I have to have one!

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Rax Trax Swart lineup - Hear Harp ST Dirt!

Harp Tone
ST- 6V6se

We love when we hear from Jay O'Rourke out of Rax Trax Studios as we know it's going to be something outside the beaten down box, whether it be photo, sound, or some sort of missive on Life Where We're Not. And if that's not too clear, then there's not much else I can say, except to listen to this beauty from the hands of one of his clients on harp. As Jay says, "Space Tone...Volume on 11, tone on ZERO." The fiend does not mince words here. That's him at right after a 2am session. He records with just about every Swart there is. Wait till he sends the guitar stuff... I'll have to bust out of this 1 inch column!

Listen to 2:26(3.3mb):




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