DeanW~22 Minutes   1:22
 DeanW~Cindy Tremelo  1:00
 DeanW~Smoky Eyes  1:00
 DeanW~Fold in Two  1:31
 DeanW~ Lily Tiger   2:01
 DeanW~Poupee   :38
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Dean Wareham loves his Swart AST

"Am still loving the amp... I plugged in a Stratocaster and turned up the reverb and tremolo and the sound is inspiring." - Dean Wareham

The truth is Michael Swart has been inspired by Dean Wareham for years, having followed his career since Pre-Galaxie 500 days. And Luna is a Swart favorite; many days, you'll find a lot of soldering going on with LUNA as background. The fact that Dean loves his Swart Atomic Space Tone was all Michael needed to hear. Late one evening, Dean was messing around and laid these tracks down with his AST. Simple, soulful, perfection in imperfection. Catch Dean & Britta Phillips on tour w/the Swart AST.   Click below for info.