The Swart Atomic Space Tone

Tweed Space Tone 6V6se
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Greg V has done it again. My admiration for this guitarist continues to grow, as virtually nothing from his hands seems to exhibit anything but taste, restraint, quality tone, and a deft understanding of any string instrument he picks up. In my view, his playing seems to come from a seemlessly vast and varied experience, which appears to be quite rich based on the material; what makes it all the more impactful is the fact that his playing leaves one feeling he's lived a long life with wisdom coming to the forefront, nothing to prove, only something to convey. kh|Swart Online

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Greg V Swart Tweed ST-6V6se MP3s

Greg explains, "Each file is labeled/named with guitar type, gain level, and if room mic is used. You can see by the titles, the guitar and approximate sound. Some clips are close mic'd with a SM57 and others are a lively room mic'd with a Marshall V69 LDC about six feet away. Only a touch of reverb was added to the close mic'd clips. Even have a clip for you Neil Young fans!"

Guitars in Play
2000 Fender Custom Shop Nocaster Tele
2005 Gibson Historic '59 Les Paul
1963 Gretsch Corvette Double pickup HiLoTrons
1963 Fender Stringmaster Deluxe 8-string Lap Steel

 Gretsch Clean 1   :40

 Les Paul Clean 1   :26

 Les Paul Clean 2   :33

 Les Paul Slide 1   1:30

Les Paul Neck Low Gain 1   :36

Les Paul Bridge Low Gain 2   :35

Nocastor Tele Medium Gain   :54

Les Paul Medium Gain   :56

Lapsteel 1   1:12

Room Nocastor Tele Clean 1   :40

Room Nocastor Tele Clean 2   :46

Room Nocastor Tele Low Gain 1   .56

Room Nocastor Tele Medium Gain 1   .31

Room Les Paul High Gain 1   .59

Room Les Paul High Gain 2   .55

Room Les Paul High Gain 3   1:00