Super Space Tone 30 Head & Cabinet
"I hate to say it . . .  The  SST-30 might just be the best yet  " -  Michael Swart

This will simply knock you out. At least, that's our take. You loved the Atomic and ST-6V6se? You'll be blown away all over again by this head & cabinet, now available for order.

SST-30 Head & Cabinet Highlights.

All Tube ~ No Solid State ~ Trem/Verb Valves!
Powered by FOUR 6V6 Valves (Twin EL-34 Sub)

3 12AX7 & 1 12DW7 for Pre/Trem/R'Verb
GZ-34 Tube Rectification ~ NO SS! Smoooth!
Cathode Biased
Master Volume Control ~ Standby Switch
High / Low Inputs
Foot Switch Operation
30+w depending on valves (it cranks!)
Cabinet 2 12" Celestion G12M (open back cab)
Speaker Options ie GOLD/Creamback
ALL TWEED with hand rubbed Lacquer Finish
Head: 10¼"(H)  22”(W)  9 3/8”(D)   35lbs   
Cab:  18 3/8"(H)  28¼”(W)  11”(D)  39lbs

Click for full info and shot of the excellent Celestion G12M x 2 in Super 30 Cab

Result? The Super 30 is thick & juicy and serves as a virtual ALTAR to TONE GLORY! Praise that TONE! This is one of the most harmonically rich and complex amplifiers we've EVER heard.  And like other Swart offerings, it's as beautiful to LOOK AT, as it is to listen to. Have you seen anything like it? And once you hear this combo, you'll want to have it. Sounds like typical hot air from the manufacturer? Maybe. But we'd be lying like dogs if we didn't say we loved this pair like no other.

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Reminiscent of the Atomic, the guys that came into the studio that played the SST-30 said, "I want this damn thing!"   Give Michael a call or touch base with your nearest Swart dealer to see the latest on availability. Each one of these is hand-made, from the custom tweed cabinet to the point to point, Super 30 Head. And each is broken in and tested by Michael Swart. And he loves every minute of it! Check it out.

SST-30 Head

2x12 Open Back Pine Cab in Dark Tweed
2x12 Unloaded
2x12 Creamback 65/75

2x12 Alnico Gold, Ruby, Cream

1x12 Dark Unloaded

1x12 Dark Creamback

1x12 Alnico Gold, Ruby, Cream

Note: The 1x12 optios are added here for those that prefer the coherency of a 1x12 speaker. Of note, the Alnico Cream is a sweet option. The 1x12 can sound quite good.



The amazing Swart Space Tone Super 30


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Sweet Blue Bath Super 30
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Super 30 6V6 Tube Glory!  See full view

Swart usesin Super Space Tone Cabs!

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Swart Super Space Tone 30 takes Guitar World Platinum Award - Aug 2007