Michael Swart comments on his latest amplifier:

The idea of the Atomic Space Tone hit me when I was working on a vintage Gibson Scout guitar amp. It had Reverb, Tremolo, and 15 watts of pure rocking vintage tone power but only three preamp tubes and two EL-84 output tubes. I thought to my self - I have never seen an amp that could do so much with so little and sound surprisingly good. But I knew it could be even better. I knew something could be built revolving around my favorite little tone generator, the 6V6. I sent a note of thanks to my cohort for the inspiration for one of the best amplifiers I have ever built and the only thing I have found to equal the soul and amazing tone of the ST-6V6se but with MORE power.

I call it the ATOMIC SPACE TONE. And damn if it's not a winner - this beast sounds amazing.

This amp brings more tube soul than I thought possible, even compared to some of my favorite vintage amps. We are talking ALL TUBE circuitry, even the Tremolo and Reverb, all leading into the excellent 12" Mojotone BV-25m speaker.

See full size - Atomic Space Tone Amplifier
The heart of the matter - Atomic Space Tone Chassis with all tube circuitry (now with high/low inputs) - Click for FULL view


I am actually so excited by this amp both aurally and visually. It's the second in our Tweed Series which takes our excellent finger jointed pine cabinet and covers it with top quality tweed, adding a lacquer to give it durability and that vintage, timeless look. We then add a rich, dark lacuer tweed on the sides which gives this amp a totally distinctive appearance. When we play out with this beast, everyone that "knows" comes up to inquire about the AST, this on the sound AND looks. Just like the original ST-6V6se, there is nothing out there like it.

  • The AC is cleaned and rectified by the reliable JJ 5AR4, this a very robust tube providing excellent sonics due to the total lack of solid-state circuits in the rectification stage (SS rectification leads to a more hard/harsh tone and slams the tubes on power-up causing excess tube wear).  A heavy duty, JJ 500V Surface mount capacitor is the mains filtering device.

  • Powered by Twin EH 6v6's putting out 18-22 cathode biased Watts; the twin 6V6s seem to really put out an amazing mixture of soul~tone.  We love this combo!  (You can also sub 6L6s for a bit more headroom due to the extra beefy Heyboer Power Transformer,

  • A 12AX7 does duty as the driver and bias regulated Tremolo.  Ever heard tube tremolo? You will now.  Simply put, if you're a tremolo fan, you won't go back.

  • Reverb is all tube.  Tube Reverb is the only way to go and our implementation leaves the competition sounding two-dimensional.

  • The first preamp tube is another dedicated rocking 12AX7 to drive this beast to Mount St. Helens and back.   Our whole driver/preamp circuit has been optimized from months of testing.   The AST sings like no other.
  • Custom built, Heavy Duty, power and output transformers - HeyBoer USA - The New Leader

  • Carbon Comp Resistors for the BEST tone. Period.

  • Mallory, Sprague and JJ Caps - only the best, all considered for their appropriate roles

  • Finest silver tinned cloth & Teflon covered wire

  • Hand Wired, point to point

  • Standby Switch - warm up | extends tube life High and low inputs for high and low output pickups

  • Dedicated 2-button foot switch for reverb & tremolo

  • 12" Mojotone British Vintage Series BV-25m

  • And a hand-made, finger jointed pine cabinet covered in light with dark tweed tweed side panels.  This cabinet is part of the magic of the Atomic Space Tone - We tested many different cabinet configurations and wood choices until we found the magic of the AST combo.

  • Dimensions: 18" T x 15 1/2 W x 9 1/2 D ~ 29lbs

Read, HEAR, and SEE Musicians with the Atomic Space Tone!
- click on each thumb below -
  Atomic Space Tone Quicktime Video!  EXCELLENT! Dean Wareham on the Atomic Space Tone! Click to hear the amazing Greg V AST Samples! Read what musicians had to say about the Swart Atomic Space Tone!

Also, please take a look at our new Atomic Boost pedal -

The Swart Atomic Boost Pedal - Takes the Dallas Rangemaster to the next level

Atomic Boost is a natural with the AST!
- Click above for pedal details -

The combination of the Atomic Duo
has to be heard to be believed!


  • All Tube circuit ~18-20w twin 6V6 High Class A Biased AB
  • Can be powered by 6V6 or 6L6
  • Cathode "AUTO" Biased (no need to bias for tube rolling)
  JJ/Tung-Sol 12AX7(2) - JJ 12DW7 - JJ 6V6 - JJ GZ34
  • Tube Rectification ~ GZ-34 or NOS 5Y3 (See below)
  • Sub NOS 5Y3 for earlier breakup/increased compression
  • 100% Tube Reverb & Tremolo ~ Quality Spring Tank
  • Hi/Lo Inputs for better PU Output matching
  • Hand wired point to point ~ Made in USA
  • Standby Switch ~ Amp warmed up|extends tube life
  • Carbon Comp Resistors for BEST TONE
  • Mallory, Sprague, and JJ Caps selected for Application
  • Finest silver tinned cloth & Teflon covered wire
  • 8 Ohm High Quality Custom Output Transformer
  • Dedicated 2 button foot switch included
  • Rubber Feet for Vibration/Protection
  • Solid, finger-jointed Cabinet ~ Lacquered Tweed
  • Standard with 12" Mojo BV-25 ~ Excellent Vintage Tone!
  • Can fit Celestion Alnico Blue/Gold/Cream
  • FUSE: 1A Slow Blow 250v 3AG 1/4 x 1-1/4(30mm)
  • Dimensions: 18" T x 15 1/2 W x 9 1/2 D ~ 29lbs


This might be my personal "if only one" Swart amp though nice not to have to make that hard decision. Such a special beast. ~ kh


See full size
AST #1 with "oxblood" sides and single input
- Click above for full -

Swart Atomic Space Tone Rear View - click for full size
Later run AST - "HI" and "Low" Inputs with dark
Lacquered tweed side panels
- Click above for full view -

See full view Click for hi-resolution shot Click for full View of #25 chassis AST #25 - Rear View - Matthew Weston Click for full hi-res view See hi-res view
See Matthew Weston's excellent super hi-res shots of AST #25
- click on each thumb for full shot -

See full size ~ Audrey with AST Pro Panel Kit
Audrey w/ olde optional AST Pro Panel with "switch w/playing" Ext Out.
All AST now come with NEW Enlarged Port!

Add Pre-installed PRO NL Panel
w/EXTERNAL OUT & Night Light Input $80
Click for full view

Jeff Tweedy of Wilco with AST

Dean Wareham

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