Swart News Roundup  ~  2-27-08

Good lord, does anybody dare click this deep into the maw of Swart News? I sometimes wonder... I'm sitting here staring at my monitor, Michael yelling in my ear, all over the din of SomaFM via the Swart 6V6se stereo.

It's all valves, all the time, here at Swart. We don't need no stinkin' solid state!

I'm trying to stay hydrated in this din but will water be enough? I'm wanting to go on an Anthony Bourdain Beer Diet... It's Wednesday, February 27 and I suddenly remember that this is a damn short month and I STILL need to get that Swart FAQ up and crank out Swart Newsletter Vol. I. The pressure is mounting and Michael is up to his eyes in AST Head Glory. I'm waiting for the first of the thrice daily "Are you making another AST Head" email . The answer is YES, my Swart Faithful. And you wont be disappointed!

Ok, I'd be lying if I said that Michael was soldering at the moment, although I wish he was. You see, right at this very second, he's rebuilding a carburetor for a '68 Honda CB-350K. And a few minutes before that, Sir Swart was tinkering with a cohort's '61 Matchless.

See 61 Matchless & Honda CB-350

There's really no sittin' around time here at the shop. But there's plenty of time to go mad if you're not partial to 8000rpm revs mixed with the smell of Castrol on hot exhaust, solder fumes high to the nigh, and lord knows what else, all depending on the time of day (or night).

Tomorrow is the next scheduled big Amplifier Testing Day when Michael and I dedicate all daylight hours to playing every single Swart valve wonder getting ready to head out the door. It's my time to pay Dr. Swart back with riffs he's never imagined could exist outside a Dali painting (perhaps a good thing). If you look in your Swart and see a ""kh" scrawled in the tested by section, you'll understand.

We have enough news for four of these pages but I'll just lead off with two of my favorites below... First up, Montreal Jeremy's up to his usual shenanigans followed by my favorite email photo of the year so far, this from J.R. and John Snyder, an AST owner in Vermont. All photos click to full size for those that don't waste time with words.   kh ~ Swart Online

See full size


Ok, now we might just have the Swart ad photo of the year award, courtesy from the loons up in Montreal at Boutique Tone, our Canadian dealer who always seems to go that extra step. Yeah, they have one of the nicest shops around and we wont argue when Jeremy proclaims Montreal as THE city of cities. It's certainly one of my favorites, despite the cold (right now, as I type, it's a lovely 19F with light snow).

But we have to admit, their Vintage Guitar ad photo deserves something special, perhaps the TP Award. Jeremy, how long are you in there? That must be one good amp!

                                        click ad for full size view->



Tyler howls of love for his AST!

And our Swart Mail of the Week...

I bought your AST a couple months ago and continue to be blown away with the sonic delight and fireworks that come out of this crazy little amp! Whatever I put on this thing, it just sings, whether it's the Lester, Grosh Strat, ES345, or the Tele-P90s. Even Tyler, my long-haired Jack Russell Terrier!

Amazing...It's like after 30 years, I've never heard an electric guitar and amp before. Having a totally insane amount of fun and can't wait to gig with her on friday, first ride out.

John Snyder


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