Space Tone • ST-6V6se
Class A 5W - Single-Ended - 6V6/6L6 - Tube Rectified

The original Swart Amplifier Co Space Tone 6V6se arose out of musician/recording engineer Michael Swart's attempt to get the most tone and soul from a small, easily manageable package for home/studio use. The result is a stellar amplifier that surpassed ALL expectations.

The Space Tone Tweed Series amplifier is inspired by Classic designs from the single-ended ALL VALVE era 50's. The Circuit is a customized Fender Princeton 5F2/5F1 Champ derivative with Swart's own circuit mods and tweaks thrown into the mix, making this circuit unique sonically.

The tone and clean to distortion character is in a class all its own. We think this amplifier surpasses any amplifier of this type we've played, both old and new, including the original Tweeds.  Along with the original Space Tone 6V6se, this is the sound that Swart Amplifier Co has built on as ground Zero of the BEST DAMN TONE you'll ever hear, regardless.

see Space Tone Tweed 6V6se

6V6SE heart and soul - 100% Class A - ALL Tube Circuit - Point to Point Wiring - Heyboer Iron -
Carbon Comp Resistors - Mallory, Atoms, & JJ Caps - Cloth Covered Wire - Tube Rectification - No Solid State ALLOWED!
Each ST-6V6se is hand-wired, point to point, then burned-in and tested before leaving Swart Amplifier Co. There are no circuit or turret boards resulting in the most direct path, this harkening back to when ALL amps were hand wired with care.. Cloth wire is used for hookup. Simply put, there are no semiconductors or solid state diodes anywhere as the Space Tone is 100% valve powered.

The Supro inspired cabinet is hand-made finger jointed pine and covered with high quality tweed, then lacquered for years and years of wear, all with the vintage style and great tone.  

Tubes include the excellent JJ 12AX7, JJ 6V6GT, and JJ GZ-34 as stock (Fee free to sub a NOS 5Y3 for sweeter breakup and slightly less headroom. The 6L6 family is also fine with no user adjustments). It's a Pure triode front end into the great 6V6 all cleaned by GZ-34 tube rectification. All tube designs disappeared because of the extra expense and the emergence of ultra-cheap solid state diodes. We feel that eliminating ALL solid state devices is necessary to get the BEST tone without the harsh, metallic sound of solid state.

Sound is amazingly BIG, BOLD, and SOULFUL, with a combination of grit and complexity of tone that is immediately apparent. Go from super clean to TUBE distortion with the turn of the volume knob.  It's safe to say that you'll have NEVER played anything quite like this little gem. 
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ST-6V6se Specifications
  • 5W CLASS A ~ Even Order Harmonics - BIG TONE!
  • Single-Ended Output - Zero Negative Feedback
  • 100% Tube Circuit - Valve Rectifier - No SS diodes!
  • 3dB Negative Feedback/Compression Switch
  • Point to Point Hand Wired Circuit
  • Cathode Biased (no need to bias)
  • Cloth Hook-Up Wire
  • JJ 12AX7 - JJ 6V6GT - JJ GZ-34 (stock) or NOS 5Y3 Rectifier
  • 6L6 family is ok to sub for touch more headroom (no KT66)
  • Heaters referenced to ground
  • Swart Amplifiers employ Star Grounding
  • 4 ohm 1/4" Out - Drive other Speaker/Cabinet
  • 8ohm speaker load/cabinet is OK with no issues
  • Switchcraft 1/4 inch input and output
  • CTS Potentiometers
  • Output & Power Trans Custom Wound by HEYBOER
  • Fuse Protected ~ Now 1A Slow Blow FUSE
  • Speaker: Weber Ceramic Sig 8 "Straight Cone" 4 or 8ohm
  • Finger-Jointed Pine Cab ~ Beautiful Lacquered TWEED
  • Dimensions: 13 3/4T x 13W x 7 1/4 D  ~ 14lbs

Listen ~ ST-6V6se MP3s by Greg V
See Peter Parcek on his ST-6V6se

See the dark tweed ST-6V6se chassis side....
Click above to see the chassis of the dark tweeed Swart ST-6V6se

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Trey Anastasio Big ST-6V6se Fan

Occasionally we get calls and notes from artists that want to share their gratitude. Last week, we heard from a big fan, none other than Trey Anastasio of Phish fame. He's been digging his ST-6V6se for quite a while and just wanted to let us know. It's one of the nicest letters we have ever received ~ kh

Dear Michael,

I hope you and your family are well. My name is Trey Anastasio, and I am the guitar player for the band Phish. I wanted to take a moment to write to you this morning to tell you how much I love my Space Tone amp, and to thank you for building such a beautiful little masterpiece.

A couple of years ago I was searching for a 60's tube amp that would give me a simple warm sound for recording, practicing, and most importantly for the many performances that I do with orchestras around the country. I saw an ad in the paper for a blackface fender that was for sale in a small guitar shop south of Houston Street in New York City. When I went into the store, there was a Space Tone amp which caught my eye. I plugged it in and started playing and instantly fell in love with it. I took the amp home that day, left the blackface behind, and never looked back.

I have to tell you quite honestly that until I bought your amp I had never owned an amp that I had any kind of emotional connection to. Now I do. I love it. I play a custom guitar, built for me by Paul Languedoc in Burlington Vermont, which I also adore. Together, they sound wicked.

Just so you know, your space tone amp has been onstage at the Kennedy Center with the National Symphony Orchestra, at the Hollywood bowl with the LA Philharmonic, and onstage with numerous other orchestras around the country. Yesterday I recorded a brand-new 16 minute orchestral piece, at avatar studios in New York City, and all I brought to the session was my guitar, a cable, and my Space Tone amp, Which I carried in one hand down the streets of New York City to the session. All the engineers were knocked out by how sweet it sounded. The piece is called Petrichor, and I promise that as soon as it's done I'll send you a recording.

Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for all the great work you're doing down there, and to tell you that there are lots of musicians out here that are really loving your amazing amps!

Thank you so much Michael.

All the best,

Trey Anastasio

Photos: Trey & ST-6V6se with the National Symphony Orchestra Swart Space Tone heading to Trey's Phish Practice Room





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