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The heart of the matter - Atomic Space Tone Chassis with all tube circuitry - Click above for FULL view
New AST and AST Head now comes with Low & High Inputs at left



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NOTE: The limited edition run has SOLD OUT. Please check dealers for availability. Thanks! Stay tuned for a new HEAD and matching Cabinet! It's INSANE - MS

The introduction of the Swart Atomic Space Tone (AST) was a smashing success earning raves across the board.   Everyone loved this 12" all-tube combo, with its great multidimensional tone, excellent breakup quality, and amazingly soulful/deep tube reverb and tremolo.  Some where saying it achieved a rare benchmark in category, without peer.

Now all the tube glory of the Atomic Space Tone combo is available in a Limited Edition HEAD, housed in a hand-made, finger-jointed, pine cab, covered in tweed.


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The Swart Atomic Boost Pedal - Takes the Dallas Rangemaster to the next level
The Atomic Boost is a natural with the Atomic Space Tone, one of  Michael Swart's favorite combos.
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Also, please take a look at our new Atomic Boost pedal - The combination of the Atomic Duo has to be heard to be believed!   The Limited Edition Atomic "AST" Tweed Head is NOW SOLD OUT - Check Dealers for availability

Atomic "AST" Tweed Head ..................................................... $1575

This is the same great AST 12AX7 pre and 6V6 output section, with high and low input, foot switch, standby, and tube reverb and tremolo to die for.  Let's put it this way, we think this is the best reverb/tremolo out there.

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