Featured Guitarist Sound Samples - Greg V
Super Space Tone 30 Head & Cab

Our favorite Greg V is back yet again, this time with 20 MP3s from the Quad 6V6 tone terror Super Space Tone 30, a head and cab combo that takes the normally reserved Greg V into arena rock territory.  Greg gets some SCARY BIG, ORGANIC, monster TONE through this setup.  He starts off subdued, but by a few tracks in, it's all on the table.  I was listening to these samples via PC into a '59 EICO HF-81 tube amp running some excellent British ProAc Tower speakers; Lordy, I about snapped my neck on a few of these beasts!  Holy Greg!   Suddenly, I had the urge to rename this page, "Greg V Gone Wild!Les Paul Grind 2 & 3 rotated my cat's head counter-clockwise.  And when I turned Les Paul "Arpeggiator" Grind Trem to 11, my heartbeat almost lost cadence!  Enter thy SST-30 and it's Dr. Greg meets Mr Hyde V.  Actually, it sounds like Greg's having the proverbial BLAST and the variety of tones, styles, and raw feeling he elicits from the SST-30/cab is extraordinary.  If you're familiar with his AST samples, you'll see a whole other side...

"The amp/cabinet records really well and ROCKS!!  Again, it's great reverb and deep sounding tremolo (I did a clip almost like an old analog-synth Arpeggiator ). The master works very well and one can get nice gain tones at comfortable volumes.  For some reason the new Swart amp makes me think about "The Who" where the tone is so crunchy yet really dynamic. You know, where the pick attack controls how much gain is present in the tone. 

You're a complete badass with these amps, man!!!!!
" - Greg V

I think he likes it - kh/swart amps online

Greg used a Shure SM57 into an
Akai DPS24 recorder with a mixture of close & room mic placement.  No Effects were used, only SST-30's tube reverb and Tremolo.  Greg's guitars consisted of a 2000 Fender Custom Shop Nocaster Tele, Fender Custom Shop Bajo Sexto Baritone,  2005 Gibson Historic '59 Les Paul, 2006 Gibson Historic '61 SG with aged hardware and Maestro Vibrola, and new Hamer Talladega.

 Bari-Clean-Trem  :52
 Bari-Grind  1:05
 Hamer-Grind 1:13
 Les Paul-Grind 1  :37

 Les Paul- Grind 2  :46
 Les Paul- Grind 3  :33
 Les Paul-Grind-Trem
 Gibson SG-Crunch 1  :50
Gibson SG-Crunch 2  :20
Gibson SG-Grind 1  :33
Gibson SG-Grind 2  :32
 SG - Grind Trem 1   1:01
 SG - Grind Trem 2   :31
 Gibson SG - Swamp  :21

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