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Greg V with the SST-30 & 2x12 Cab

I'm playing a Swart SST-30 amp (with EL34 tubes) into the Swart 2x12 cabinet with Hamer Talladega, PaulC Timmy overdrive, Electro Harmonix Memory Man delay, Arion Sch-Z chorus. Fingers only, no pick gives a rounder tone. Just messin around... (be sure to click the HQ button below Vid)

Tone and Effects pedal timeline
0:00 to 1:25 - Swart Clean tone, no pedals used
1:25 to end - EHX Memory Man delay
2:07 to end - PaulC Timmy overdrive, as low gain boost
3:21 to 4:10 - Arion Sch-Z chorus for leslie effect
4:10 to end - Swart SST tremolo

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