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Swart Atomic Space Tone Samples
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I'm just blown away be the rich tones, feeling, and textures that Greg gets with the Atomic Space Tone.  I've heard many samples sent in from talented guitarists but these are some of my favorites due to the soulful interpretation that Greg's playing conveys, bringing introspection without self-indulgence.  Notice the complexity in the variation of tones from the AST.   And Greg takes the AST all-tube tremolo to subtle perfection.   He has the rare ability to blend technical skill and excellent chops with intimacy and grit, never becoming bombastic or showy, something that many guitarists should emulate, and something that many more fail to grasp.  Greg didn'tlist any titles or info after the first two samples below, so I named them while listening.  I decided to let the whole lot speak, all 25 of them.   I often listened to some of these cuts multiple times on repeat as they reminded me of  veritable guitar Haikus done from the back porch on a river swamp.  kh|Swart Online

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All recordings used an SM57 mic into Akai DPS24 recorder. 
Note:  No EQ - No effects added - Only amp reverb & tremolo used.

Guitars: Fender Nocaster Tele, PRS McCarty as noted, Fender Bajo Sexto Baritone, TEO Mando Guitar