Space Tone 6V6se
5W Class A - Single-Ended - 6V6 - Tube Rectified!

This is the amp that started it all.  The Swart Amplifier Co Space Tone 6V6se arose out of musician/recording engineer Michael Swart's attempt to get the most tone and soul from a small, easily manageable package for home/studio use. 5w of pure Class A tone with a breakup and natural tube distortion that is unequaled in modern amplification. Will play 6V6 and 6L6 and is Cathode Biased, so no biasing hassle. The ST-6V6se is now housed in an excellent finger-jointed cabinet covered with Lacquered TWEED. It's an instant Classic & Michael Swart favorite. Simply put, this is a KILLER amplifier. This circuit is the heart of Swart Amps: It's all about The Tone.

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In just a handful of years, the Swart Atomic Space Tone has received some of the most glowing raves of ANY amplifier in recent memory.

This amplifier has 20w of twin 6V6 power in high Class A biased AB and brings some of the most soulful, rich, near three-dimensional tone you have ever heard. This has to be one of the most expressive amplifiers made to our knowledge, and we've tried more than a few.  TUBE REVERB and TUBE TREMOLO, something virtually nonexistent in today's marketplace, is just part of the picture. Includes a 12" Custom British Vintage Series BV-25m that screams TONE with body and soul; This amp has excellent breakup (wait till you hear the samples). This all new circuit is housed in a lacquered TWEED pine cab with dark Tweed panels. This amp is in its own league.

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Swart Parts - Options

Electro-Harmonix or Ruby 6V6GT |
JJ 12AX7 | NOS & JJ 5Y3 | JJ Heavy Duty Surface Mount radial 500v Power Supply caps (extra filtering for modern voltages)| Mallory Coupling caps | 600v Orange Drop Polypropylene Film and Foil coupling caps | Carbon Comp resistors for that vintage tone, Weber Ceramic / Signature AlNiCo 8 (giant killer) | heavy Duty Heyboer Custom Irons | Swart Amp Co does offer options including Jensen Copper Oil capacitors, Auricaps, Kiwame Carbon Films, Weber, and MojoTone Speakers. 

Tubes & Parts from Swart Amplifier Co.
The Atomic Space Tone in  detail
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You loved the Atomic Space Tone.  The raves were glorious - Thanks for the GREAT feedback, literally and figuratively!  We thought this amazing amplifier actually deserved to live on its own for those that want to mix and match speaker cabs.  You asked for it and we delivered.  So now, in a Limited Edition run, we are producing the AST Tweed Head, everything you loved about the AST amp, now in a heavy duty, tweed covered head, ready for your favorite cabinet!   We don't expect these to last long...   

Tube Reverb - Tube Tremolo - 20w 6V6PP
AST Tweed Head I

* Limited Edition Run:  ALL SOLD OUT
  Tube Reverb - Tube Tremolo - 20w 6V6PP

AST Head Mk II
& 1x12 Cabinet

ALL Tube Verb/Trem - Master ~ 6V6/6L6/EL-34!

The AST Head MkI Limited Edition sold out in a record 45 days. What to do? Get Michael working on a second version, this time designed from the ground up to be run as a head, with the added advantage of a MS designed defeatable Master Volume that can be bypassed for the purist! This is the FIRST Master we have liked in a combo as it does not leech the tone and bottom end. The new head can now run 6V6, 6L6, and even the EL-34. It's the same great AST circuit that has brought accolades from around the world, except now more flexible than ever! The AST Head II can push 4/8/16ohm cabs and has two outputs. The matching 1x12 cabinet comes stock with the Mojo BV-25 but can be purchased with speaker of choice. As always, the finger-jointed, lacquered tweed, pine cabs are first rate. This is destined to be another classic. More below.

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AST Head II & 1 x12 Cabinet

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Space Tone 6V6se Mk I
Class A - Single-Ended - 6V6 - Tube Rectified

This is THE amplifier that was at the very ROOT of Swart Amplifier Co. The ORIGINAL Space Tone 6V6se Mk I is the amp that started it all. Read all about the original amp and circuit, way back when it was covered in vintage cloth, many custom ordered by musicians tired of the mundane, off-the-shelf, garden variety amp.  Now those that have these original amplifiers, hold a collector's item.  Read on about what started the Swart Amps craze!

The Original ST-6V6se has now concluded its
final run. See latest Space Tone 6V6se in Tweed

Space Tone Reverb
5W SE Class A - Tube Reverb -
12" Speaker
Glorious, Open, Clean to OVERDRIVE FUZZ!

Michael, when are you going to make a little 5w beast that captures the magic of the little Space Tone but with that big Swart Reverb? Hey, and what about a 12" speaker? And can it run the 6L6 & EL-34, too? Well, the wait's over for those looking for the ultimate 60s vintage bigger than life, low watt beast. Introducing the Space Tone Reverb, a single-ended, zero feedback circuit based on the 5W 6V6'R that started it all but with added 60s vibe, the biggest reverb YET, all feeding into a 12" speaker with serious Iron! I have to say, this has the best Super Fuzz, full volume breakup of them all and with that Swart tone everyone has come to love, all housed in the throwback finger jointed pine cabinet, covered in retro Tolex This amp really has it's own unique sound, apart from the other Space Tones, but has it's heart from the 6V6SE.
SOLD OUT ~ You can order THIS CABINET w/STR-Tweed.

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Space Tone Reverb
See the full AST PRO detail
The Ultimate AST 6V6/6L6 for the Gigging PRO
Swart and Greg V have teamed up again, except this time in the Design Studio. Introducing the Swart AST PRO, the answer to the professional musician's need for the AST with a nod to life on the stage and road. Take the amazing AST circuit and drop the beast into a cabinet with a bit more depth for some extra bottom, a recessed chassis for knob/switch protection from mishaps, and a bit more room for more speaker options. Then add the new larger port for more breathing room and the addition of an on-the-fly switching external output on back, making driving another cabinet as easy as plug in, and you have the amazing AST PRO, the new Swart offering ready to take you beyond. Comes with your choice of speaker, including the legendary Celestion G12H Heritage UK or the knockout tone monster Celestion Gold 12 Alnico. Pair this monster with our 2x12 cab and you have a host of options that would stir the head and the soul...

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5W SE Class A - Tube Reverb -
12" Speaker
Glorious Breakup with Cleans Switch!

Take the original, ever popular, Class A, single-ended 5w ST-6V6se and pump it with steroids via another gain stage, killer tube reverb, and a 12" speaker and you have the new STR-Tweed, quite possibly the most FUN Swart amp to play yet. And the beast runs 6L6 & EL-34, too! This is truly a low watt monster and I cant stop wiping the grin off my face. Literally. This zero feedback circuit gets the added control of a switch letting you bypass the extra gain stage for more available cleans, and all with that great tube reverb that Swart has become known for. This truly might be Swart's most raw, big toned amp, all housed in our finger jointed pine cabinet in lacquered tweed (also available in optional Dark Tweed & original STR Cab)

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Space Tone Reverb-Tweed

Super Space Tone 30
Tube Head & Cabinet

  Tube Reverb/Trem - Master Vol - 4x6V6/2xEL-34 ~ 30-35W!

You loved the AST Head, so much so, we sold out of the Limited Edition run before we thought we would. After a line formed, asking us to extend the run, we told them to be patient. Michael loved the Atomic Space Tone in both the combo & head version but felt the need to up the stakes one notch, adding another pair of 6V6, the tone~soul valve of choice, this combined with a Master Volume and a number of tweaks to the circuit. Enter the all new, totally unique, Super Space Tone 30 head (SST-30) and matching, custom tweed 2 x 12 Space Tone Cabinet, possibly one of the neatest cabinets we've seen, housing two classic Celestion G12M "Greenbacks" behind the vintage grill. The combo is a knockout but each stands equally well alone.  We've found there's a "Hear it, gotta have it" thing going on. Don't say we didn't warn you...

Custom Hand Rubbed  Tweed  ~  TOTALLY UNIQUE
MORE? See the new Super Space Tone 30 Head & Cab


Swart Atom
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Space Tone Atom
5W SE Class A • TRIODE REVERB 6V6/6L6 Tube Rectified • 14lbs of Tonal Bliss w/Swart Reverb

Our new favorite at the shop!  The Space Tone ATOM is the famed ST-6V6se with a dedicated triode reverb stage utilizing the 12DW7 fed into a spring tank for amazing reverb emanating from this little 14lb beast. The circuit remains uber simple for the best touch sensitivity, tone, and responsivness. Like all Swart Circuits, it Includes Tube rectifivation utilizing the GZ-34 or NOS 5Y3.  Features volume, tone, and "Space" control.  There will be a unique-to-ATOM switchable gain option in place of the 6V6se feedback switch. It will have a 4ohm output transformer and come stock with the Weber Signature 8 Ceramic. The tweed covered pine cab will resemble a baby AST with light tweed and dark side panels. Other covering options are available.


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