Swart Speaker Cables (2)
Our standard cable set features 16awg bare annealed stranded copper in a twisted pair, each individually jacketed with an overall round jacket for durability. This is a flexible commercial grade speaker cable that will stand the test of time. We terminate with Neutrik® 1/4" Jacks.  Order will include two 3ft speaker cables to run to speaker and amp as seen below. These speaker cables will also work great between head and cabinet.  NEW! Now you have the option to buy ONE cable with a female end to bypass female/female adapter for speaker hookup.

We also now carry the ultimate Speaker Cable for tranparency & top-end clarity:  Kimber 4VS

  • Conductors: (2) Bare annealed copper
  • Stranding: 26/30 awg (16 gauge)
  • Jacket: Matte PVC
  • O.D.: 0.295”
  • Neutrik® 1/4" Jacks
  • Now with one FEMALE end option!
  •  Two 3ft Speaker Cables

Male/Male Price .......................$30usd**Shipping Below
Male/Female Price ...................$32usd**Shipping Below
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**Cables Shipped Free with Night Light
   $8 in shipping will be added if Separate

Pro-NL Panel for super easy NL hookup
See our new Pro-NL Panel for super easy NL hookup

Designed for the Night Light Attenuator
Can be used between head & Cabinet

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