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PETER PARCEK Kills on the ST-6V6se!

I have watched this no less then 10 times today.  Gets better and better each time, almost impossible not to smile. Seriously.  At the end of video, I laugh out every time.  Good Lord, Peter Parcek can play.  This is bone simple, pure playing goodness.  Watch Peter take his little Swart ST-6V6se where no one goes.  At a time when most blues has become cliche and parody, it's refreshing to hear someone that does it right.  Hail to Peter!  And nice to hear a rhythm section that does not muck it up...excellent.  SHOWBIZ BLUES recorded live via Alternate Root TV ~ two more vids below
Unfortunately, Alternate Root TV removed these vids. Managed to get them back from Peter but in lower resolution.  No matter, it all comes through & worth a look/listen. 
khkh ~ Swart Amplifier Co. | Swart Online

In this second video, Peter calms it down on the tempo, and might even heat it up a bit more on the axe.   Parcek moves from the Reverend to a Strat take, this on The Mathematics of Love. Again, the ST-6V6se sounds great, clean or pushed.  And kudos for the sidemen again.  Nice stuff.  

Here Pete just plain grooves it on the Swart ST-6V6se and a Tele on See That My Grave is kept Clean. I'm really impressed with the recordings these guys pulled off on short notice, keeping the live feel intact when so many squelch with even more production.     

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