The Mullard OC44 Powered Atomic Boost - See Diagram
See Atomic Boost Diagram

Musician Comment

I can now answer to the question of what set your pedal apart from the others.

The Atomic Boost does boost the signal but better than that, it turns a Strat into a Cream Machine this with just the Strat, the Boost, and the amp (maybe little reverb).

I've owned two other Rangemaster clones, both built by leaders in the boutique pedal world. Both were tested and went right back in the box were they belong. This pedal adds the magic to a Strat; it doesn't change the tone, it dramatically enhances it.

Question: How do you get that beautiful Strat sound that you've heard but never had?

Answer: Atomic Boost.

Continued Success,
Mark Skorczewski

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