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Wathen CryoTone ECC83-WC

Here at the Swart Amps shop, we're always looking for something that does its job well and just when you think you have a handle on something, it's nice to know there can still be surprises. Enter Cryogenics or FREEZING the beast! I had personally messed around with "Cryogenic" tubes with my high-end audio tube amps and found some positives... But with Guitar amps? Neither Michael nor I had never experimented with them in guitar amps. We both had heard a few good rumors as of late, however.... So when the guys at Wathen Audiophile asked us to give their CryoTone ECC83-WC a listen, we jumped at the chance.

And to cut to the chase, we are GLAD we did. We've not had a chance to test the long-term performance but can say that this Cryo 12AX7 sounds GREAT in the first stage of our amps... VERY SMOOTH, seemingly more complex, with more THERE, if that makes any sense. I thought they seemed to have a bit more bottom end fullness as well. So we're going to pick up a few and give them a go in long term testing. Right now, I'm REALLY digging it in V1 of my personal AST. GREAT STUFF. Stay tuned for more reports via swartamps.com ~ kh

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Wathen CryoTone ECC83-WC/12AX7

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