Our Warranty - Satisfaction
Painting by Jill Swart
Limited Warranty: Swart Amplifier Co, offers to the original purchaser a warranty against failures caused by manufacturing defect with the exception of tubes for a total of one year. Should the unit fail during this period for a reason not related to user abuse (operating without tubes or speakers, or with the wrong tubes or speakers, power issues (lighting, surges, wrong line voltage, etc...) you will be required to ship the unit back to us properly packed and insured and at your expense for repair or replacement (at our discretion). We will ship the repaired or replacement unit back to you at our expense as soon as possible.

This warranty is provided on a 'best-effort' basis and does not provide reimbursement for third-part repairs, loaner equipment, loss of use, etc... Normal wear and tear is not considered a warranty issue. Repairs by anyone other than Swart Amplifier Co will void your warranty. Should your product require service, please contact us before sending the unit back so that we can make arrangements for its return.

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