The NEW STR-Tremolo!

People have been crying for this and now it's finally here...

Yep, the STR-Tremolo will have the same soul and basic circuit as the STR-Tweed, just with:

  • The addition of a great tremolo stage (along with same quality Reverb stage)
  • The addition of  a 3 way EQ Switch that makes the STR-Trem more flexible
  • As stock in the original STR "Tuxedo" 60s style cab & a limited run of AST Style Tweed cabs

The STR-Tremolo will have just slightly less gain than the STR-Treed as the Tremolo section will take place of the extra gain stage in half of the 12AX7.  On the other hand, it will still have much of the STR-Tweed's great tone, immediacy,  growl, and touch sensitivity.  Drop in the Atomic Boost, and you get it back and more.  I really dig this amp!

After sitting with it for a good 30 minutes and loving it, I personally played a pair of new STR-Tremolo in STEREO and was just blown away.  One had a Celestion Gold and the other a BV-30.  Moved them five feet apart and dickered with settings and for the love of St. Nick, could not stop playing the beasts.  It was so compelling, I'm convinced we need to come out with our own Stereo Pedal just so we can facilitate running these beasts in pairs.  I moved to one AST and one STR-Tremolo and was just as blown away, if not more.  For those of you with TWO Swarts of any kind, running them in stereo is just amazing and highly recommended.

I tried the STR-Trem with and without an Atomic Boost and loved it both ways.  Of note, the new cabs are a touch deeper to fit the Celestion Blue and Gold.  There has been interest in the Tone Tubby Hempcone Alnicos as well. 

Right now, pricing of the STR-Tremolo is priced $1450 for either the Tuxedo or Tweed style cabs.  See some shots below with better view of control layout and the Limited run of the AST Style cabinets (will have same mounting as STR - photo shows a speaker cab).    

Stay tuned for more photos and info ~ kh

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